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Fixed: Corsair Link Not Controlling Fans – Icue fan control

fix Corsair Link Not Controlling Fans

Built a new gaming PC or installed Corsair Link 4 for the first time to create a custom curve to control CPU fan speed. You may encounter a problem called “corsair link not controlling fans or fan speed.”

Those users who have just installed H80i V2 kit, H150i Pro, H100i v2, H115i, H110i GTX cooling kits to maintain normal PC temperature. They encounter a problem when the Corsair Utility doesn’t control/adjust fan speed, does not show up fans control at all, or doesn’t display accurate information.

In this article, we have explained the best solutions to fix the Corsair Link not controlling fans. The solutions that we have included here were suggested at different tech forums. So these will surely help you identify and fix the issue like can’t control fan speed with Corsair Link.

in Windows 11, 10 and 7

Use Driver Easy to update all the missing & outdated device drivers on PC for free.

Note: Corsair Link 4 does not support Ryzen CPU for that wait till the release of an update.

If everything is connected properly i.e. USB to the header, fans plugged into dongle from the pump, another side to CPU fan header, but for some reason, you cannot control fan speed.

You may be able to select between performance and a quiet mode where the instantaneous audible difference in RPM happens. But nothing is happening the RPM readout for the fans in the corsair link doesn’t change.

Then Perform these fixes;

Fix 1 – Uninstall Monitoring Programs

If you can’t control the cooler fans, CPU fans, motherboard fans, or CPU temps have disappeared. Make sure that you are not running other PC hardware monitoring software on your Windows 10 PC except corsair link 4.

If you have installed a program i.e. HWMonitor or HWiNFO along with corsair link 4 then both tools will try to fetch data from motherboard sensors at the same time causing conflict.

So uninstall all other CPU temp monitoring tools immediately if you want to take control over your PC fans.

A lot of corsair users complain they are unable to change or even see RPM. When inquired most of them answered in affirmation that they are running corsair link and iCUE at the same time.

If you are also mistakenly doing that then uninstall anyone of them. Technically, iCUE is a replacement program for Link 4.

If you have installed iCUE it will take control of all corsair products. Be it fan speed, RPM, CPU temps, keyboard, or even LED lights. Besides, you may get a message provided in the Link app window.

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Fix 3 – Downgrade to the Previous Version

Sometimes Windows 10 doesn’t recognize the corsair device driver i.e H80i V2 etc. In that case, when you open the device manager you may see a Code 28 error.

To fix it try to downgrade the corsair link as well. Currently, is the latest version if you have installed this version then take a step back. You can download the old version from here.

Fix 4 – Disable CPU_FAN header from BIOS

If the Link shows you pump speed just fine but its fan speed is at 0RPM. However, the fans still spin when the CPU gets warm. Then follow these steps;

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Fix 6 – Buy Commander Pro Fan Controller

If you are complaining about your motherboard fans that you can’t control their fan speed. Then there’s bad news.

Corsair link or iCUE are unable to control motherboard fans unless you have Commander Pro installed in your system.

Also, note that Commander Pro can control 3 pins DC or 4 pins PWM and you can adjust individually for each of the 6 fan headers. You could even cancel the new fans and put it toward this if you are looking for full fan control from the desktop without visiting the BIOS.

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