How To FIX Elden Ring Multiplayer Not Working on PC

Apply these solutions and play game with online friends.

From time to time Elden Ring multiplayer not working issue pops up. Players who want to play this game with their friends complain that they can’t join the game or that the multiplayer option won’t work for them.

If you are also dealing with such a situation then here we have compiled the best solutions that will fix the Elden Ring multiplayer not working issue on your Windows PC once and for all.

What Causes Elden Ring Multiplayer Not Working Issue?

Each time an online game messes with your PC the usual suspects are Poor Internet connection, temporary bugs and glitches, outdated graphics drivers, or corrupted game files.

You can take a look at these causes and try to fix them.

How to Fix Elden Ring Multiplayer Not Working on PC?

1. Check the Elden Ring Server Status

Before trying any fancy fix it is recommended to check the server status. You can visit the Elden Ring official Twitter to see if there is any announcement relating to server maintenance.

If they announced the server maintenance you can wait for the server’s status to return to normal.

2. Check Network Connection

You need a strong internet connection to play Elden Ring with your friends online. If your internet speed is insufficient then you might face multiplayer not working problem.

To check your internet speed:

  • Type test internet speed in your browser.
  • Choose a search result to run a speed test.
  • If your internet speed is too low, you can try to speed up the internet.

3. Restart Your PC

In most cases resting the PC fixes the problem associated with the game. This time you don’t need a simple restart instead you will turn off your PC, and unplug all the cables. After 1 minute plug in the cables and turn off your PC.

In my personal experience restarting the game and PC fixes the problem.

4. Run PC in Clean Boot

In case the Elden Ring multiplayer problem goes away after restarting the PC. It means there is a third-party app that is interfering with the game. To identify the rouge app you need to run your PC in a clean boot.

Follow these steps to do that:

  • Open the Start menu.
  • Type ‘msconfig‘ in the search box and press Enter. …
  • Go to the Services tab.
  • Check the box to Hide all Microsoft Services, then select the Disable All button.
  • Click on Apply and then the OK button.

Now your PC is running with any service associated with the app. Try to turn on services one by one and check if the games cause a multiplayer not working error.

This solution takes time but it works.

5. Optimize Elden Ring’s Network Settings

If Elden Ring’s multiplayer won’t work, then you need to tweak your PC’s network settings. Follow these steps to apply this fix:

  • Open the game menus and click System.
  • Click the Network tab on the top and then it will switch to the Network settings panel.
  • Click Launch Setting and then click the pointing arrow behind Launch Setting to select Play Online.

After you optimize the Elden Ring’s network settings, check if it works. If not, don’t worry, move to the next fix.

6. Update your Network Drivers

Most of the time Elden Ring Multiplayer issues pop up because your PC has outdated or corrupted network drivers. You need to make sure that you update your PC’s driver.

Now there are two methods to update drivers on PC i.e. Manual and Automatic.

In the manual method, you need to visit the concerned site search for the latest compatible drivers, and download them on your PC. If you don’t have relevant skills then there are chances that you might install the wrong drivers.

So we suggest you adopt an automatic method in which you need to download Driver Easy on your PC. This tool will automatically scan your PC for outdated graphics drivers and update it instantly.

7. Verify the Integrity of Game Files

Sometimes missing and corrupted game files can affect the game negatively. To fix this issue, you need to verify the integrity of the game files on Steam:

  • Start Steam on your PC and click the Library tab. A list of games installed will show up on the left panel of your Steam. Scroll your mouse down until you find the ELDEN RING.
  • Right-click ELDEN RING and select Properties
  • Click the LOCAL FILES and select Verify integrity of game files
  • Steam will verify the game files. It may take a few minutes. Once the process is complete, click the Close button.

After validating Steam files, check if your Elden Ring multiplayer works normally. If not then move to the next fix below.

8. Run Restoro to Repair System Files

Your Windows PC might be missing some important files that are necessary to run games in multiplayer mode. You can repair Windows OS files with the use of Restoro.

Here’s how you can use this to repair system files:

  • Download and install Restoro.
  • Open Restoro and run a free scan. This may take a few minutes. Once complete, Restoro will generate a detailed scan report.
  • Click the Start Repair button to repair issues found (You will be prompted to purchase the full version. It comes with a 60-day Money-Back Guarantee so you can refund anytime if Restore doesn’t fix your problem).

After repairing the system files, you can check if the Elden Ring multiplayer works normally. If not then give a stroke of luck to the next fix below.

9. Power Cycle Wi-Fi Router

If none of the above fixes work for you then you can try performing a power cycle on your Wi-Fi router to check for the issue. Because issues with the router firmware or temporary network glitches may cause errors.

Here’s how you can do this:

  • Power off the router and unplug the power adapter from the power source
  • Wait for around 30 seconds or so then plug back the power cable in
  • Turn on the router to check for the issue.