Fortnite Account For Sale: Is Legal, Safe, or Banned

Epic game TOS says "You may only access the Services through your own account. Users do not own their accounts, and gifting or otherwise transferring of accounts or access keys is prohibited."

The new chapter of Fortnite is out now with its first season and with all the changes and fixed bugs. Players have noticed the Epic Games ToS in which they read that the transferring of accounts or access keys is prohibited. With this, a lot of players have a question in their mind “is selling Fortnite accounts illegal, or is it bannable?”

As players spend a lot of time grinding in Fortnite and spend real money on cosmetics, guns skins, gliders, emotes, and much more. They do get the idea of selling the account and making money off of it.

The old accounts with legendary skins are very rare and they do get a high price in the market which intrigues players to sell their accounts.

Selling Fortnite Account – Legal, Safe, or Banned

For the people who have been asking these questions about legalization, safe or bannable on selling or buying the other players’ accounts, we have explained all three of them down below.

Is it Legal?

Selling and Buying of Fortnite Accounts are strictly prohibited by the ToS of Epic Games. But still, a lot of people do this because the chances of getting caught are really low.

You don’t get caught or thrown into court for buying or selling the accounts but it is still illegal just like the use of torrents, but still, people do this.

Is it Safe?

As far as the safety of selling or buying the accounts is, people do get robbed by scammers because, in every online market, there are scammers. The desire of getting legendary skin, or a rare item in Fortnite is normal and a lot of people will buy these accounts that have rare items.

If the scammer is selling a particular account and the buyer is interested in the account then it would not be safe for the buyer because when the scammer gets the money in his account. He’ll just disappear and never be found again which leaves the buyer with empty hands. Buyers cannot also do anything about it because it is illegal to sell and buy the accounts.

Is it Bannable?

As for the players, who ask if this is bannable then the answer is “YES” and it is not a normal ban from the game, it is a permanent ban for a lifetime. With the defined ToS of Epic Games in the new season of the new chapter.

It is stated that the transferring of the accounts and access keys is prohibited and the players whose credentials are logged into another hardware and have been tracked by Epic Games, they’ll get a permanent Ban by the developers of the game because it is against their TOS.


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