Fortnite Account For Sale: Can You Get Banned for Buying Fortnite Accounts

Is Buying or Selling Fortnite Accounts Illegal? Here’s What You Need To Know.

In the exciting world of online gaming, many players are interested in buying special Fortnite accounts to get better at the game. People often search for phrases like “Fortnite account for sale” or “buy Fortnite account.”

But, there’s a big question that comes with it: Is it okay to do that, or can you get in trouble? Some players wonder if they might get banned (kicked out of the game) for buying Fortnite accounts.

This article will help explain the rules and risks involved in trying to get a better Fortnite account, and if it’s safe and allowed. Let’s find out if the quest for a super cool Fortnite account can lead to problems like getting banned or even breaking the game’s rules!

Don’t Buy or Share Fortnite Accounts

Devs at Epic Games have a clear TOS relating to the buying or selling of Fortnite accounts. They say;

  • Account buying, selling, or sharing is not allowed. Any actions committed, or bans received on your account as a result of sharing are your responsibility as the account creator.
  • Buying and selling accounts is against our terms of service and will result in an account ban.

What are The Risks Associated with Bought Fortnite Accounts

Buying a Fortnite account might seem cool, but there are some important risks you should know about if you’ve already done it.

Firstly, the person who had the account before you could take it back at any time. It might have been stolen, or the seller might decide they want it back, and then you lose access to what you bought.

Secondly, there’s a risk with personal information. When you buy an account, you often have to share your login details and payment info with the seller. This can be dangerous because the seller might use your information in a bad way.

Also, be careful of scams! Some places that sell Fortnite accounts might not be honest. They might not give you what you paid for, or they could lie about what’s in the account.

And the biggest risk is from Epic Games, the company behind Fortnite. Buying an account goes against their rules, so they might suspend or ban the account. That means you could lose all the cool stuff you bought and your progress in the game. It’s a big risk, so it’s important to be careful!

Can You Get Banned for Buying Fortnite Accounts

YES, and it is not a normal ban instead it is a permanent ban for a lifetime. With the defined ToS of Epic Games in the new season of the new chapter.

You can get a Fortnite ban if you do any of the following:

  • Sharing personal information – revealing (or threatening to reveal) other users’ real names, locations, and other personal data is not permitted.
  • Bullying – attempting to threaten, harass, intimidate, or abuse other players is not allowed.
  • Impersonating others – don’t pretend to be other players, celebrities, streamers, or anyone else.
  • Teaming – this is when gamers on opposing teams play together to get an unfair advantage over other players.
  • Discrimination – hate against ethnicities, sexual orientation, race, religion, gender, and more is a big no.
  • Cheating – exploiting or promoting glitches and bugs and general cheating in Fortnite is not okay.
  • Posting inappropriate content – never post any content that could hurt other gamers.
  • Scamming or deceiving other gamers is not allowed.
  • Promoting illegal activities – this can include drugs, doxing, gambling, phishing, and swatting.
  • Inciting violence – never threaten anyone with violence, or threaten to harm yourself.

How to Remove a Fortnite IP Ban?

If you find yourself banned from Fortnite and want to get back into the game using a VPN, follow these steps:

1. Choose a Good VPN

Select a high-quality VPN service to change your IP address quickly. NordVPN is a great choice for gaming, offering worldwide servers, strong security features like 256 AES encryption, high speed, and unlimited bandwidth.

2. Download and Install the VPN

Download the VPN onto your device; NordVPN is available for desktops, laptops, mobiles, and tablets. Visit the download page, select a payment plan, and take advantage of the 30-day money-back guarantee to ensure satisfaction. Install the app following the easy steps, which usually only takes a few minutes.

3. Connect to a Different Server

After installing the VPN, connect to a new server. This action will provide you with a fresh IP address, allowing you to bypass the Fortnite ban. NordVPN has servers worldwide, so choose one nearby or in a different country for optimal speed and a solid gaming connection.

4. Create a New Fortnite Account

With the VPN connected to a new server, create a new Fortnite account. Log in with this new account, and you should be able to play without any ban restrictions.