Fortnite: All Dig up and Collect Terrifying Tablature Locations

The new Fortnitemares daily quests are live. In this quest, players have to dig up and collect terrifying tablature in a single match. Terrifying Tablature is the Halloween music book.

In the new Fortnitemares event, there are new daily quests that will give you different rewards. The Chrome Punk Skin is also available in the days to come.

In this guide, we are going to cover the locations for the Terrifying Tablature quest.

All Locations for Terrifying Tablature

There are a total of four locations for Terrifying Tablature. You can visit these locations and dig up mounds and collect Terrifying Tablature.

You will find these four Terrifying Tablature music books around Grim Gables. Grim Gable is located down Southeast from the ChromeJam Junction.

You’ve to get to the given location to find the first Terrifying Tablature.

All Locations for Terrifying Tablature in fortnite

After you’ve landed at the Grim Gables you need to get to the marked location as shown on the map. Head down south from the main Cabin at the Grim Gables.

Finding the Terrifying Tablature

You will find pumpkins on the ground. You will find a white exclamation mark on the ground near pumpkins. You’ve to use your pickaxe on the ground where is exclamation mark is pointing. You will dig up and you will get the Terrifying Tablature. You will get the first Terrifying Tablature.

What to do if you Find the Terrifying Tablature

After you’ve found the first Terrifying Tablature, the next Tablature will be shown with a white exclamation in the game.

Follow the following steps to get the remaining three Terrifying Tablature.

  • Go to the Northwest of the Grim Gables, you will reach a garage. There are two garages with one door half open, you’ve to go there and dig near the exclamation point and you will get the second Terrifying Tablature.
Finding the Terrifying Tablature
  • Now, head more towards the north you will reach to crops and there is a reboot van in the middle of the crops. You will see another digging spot east of the reboot van. Dig there near the exclamation and you will get the third Terrifying Tablature.
  • For the Final Terrifying Tablature, head northwest and you will reach a crop maze. There will be a chest and a scarecrow in the crop maze. You will have to dig there and you will get the last Terrifying Tablature.
Finding the Terrifying Tablature

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