Fortnite: How to Dance with the Chrome Punk

There are new daily Fortnitemares quests with the new update. Fortnite’s new Halloween update has new free rewards which you can unlock by completing the daily Fortnitemares quests.

Chrome Punk is the new NPC in the Fortnite Chapter 3 season 4. In this guide, we will cover the Location of the Chrome Punk and how to complete the Fortnitemares quest.

Where to Find Chrome Punk

Firstly, players must go to the new Chrom Punk NPCs location to complete the quest. Chrome Punk can be found at the Flutter Barn on the south of the map. Secondly, you have to land at the building with the pancake hologram spinning on top of it. There is a hot-air balloon fountain, you will find Chrome Punk NPC on the platform in front of the fountain.

Where to Find Chrome Punk in Fortnite

How to Dance with Chrome Punk

After, landing at the Flutter Barn and Finding Chrome Punk at the given location. You can do the following steps to complete the Dance with Chrome Punk challenge.

  • Firstly, go to the Chrome punk in Flutter Barn.
  • And then you have to interact with the Chrome punk in front of the fountain.
  • After, interacting with Chrome punk you have to do emote in front of him.
  • Now, you’re good to go Dance with Chrome punk Challenge will be completed.
How to Dance with Chrome Punk in Fortnite

You will get 15,000 XP for completing the Fortnitemares Daily Quests. If you’ve completed 5 daily Quests, you will unlock the first Fortnitemates event reward. You will unlock the Everything’s End rare glider.

NOTE: As Chrome punk is one of the four special NPCs of the Fortnitemares update, he will not be in the same location every time. You can still find him in the same area in slightly different locations.

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