How To Fix Fortnite Error Code 30005 EasyAntiCheat Error

Error 30005 in Fortnite is caused by the corrupted EasyAntiCheat files.

Recently lots of players have been facing Fortnite error code 30005 with the message “Create file failed with 32.” The error code 30005 appears on the screen when users try to launch a Fortnite game under the protection of the Easy Anti-Cheat software. This error indicates that the application failed to generate a file in the Easy Anti-Cheat folder and this points to a possible corruption within the software.

As this error is caused by the fault in the Fortnite Anti-Easy cheat you can start by fixing its files. You can also restart your computer and your game to check if it resolves the error. This error mainly occurs due to temporary glitches or an old cache. Restarting will help you to rule out any temporary glitches and caches in the computer.

If the above solution does not fix Fortnite error code 30005, then don’t worry here we have explained the most recommended ways to fix this error once and for all.

How To Fix Fortnite Error Code 30005 EasyAntiCheat Error

Some alternative ways to overcome the Fortnite error code 30005 are given below.

Fix 1. Check the Fortnite Game Server Status

Sometimes Fortnite Error 30005 occurs due to servers going down. So you can check whether the server is working or not. For checking the Fortnite Game Server Stat you can simply visit

Fix 2. Run Game as Administrator

You can remove bugs or any permission barrier that is causing Fortnite error 30005 by just running Fortnite as an administrator. By following the steps, you can run Fortnite as an Administrator on a system:

  • Open your computer.
  • Then right-click on the Epic Games Launcher.
  • Now, a small menu will appear, select the option Run as administrator.
  • Then, the Epic game launcher will open.
  • Now you can install the Fortnite game without getting Fortnite Error 30005.

If the error still occurs, then continue to the next solution to solve Fortnite Error 30005.

Fix 3. Repair the Anti-Cheat Service

This software is designed to protect you from hackers and cheaters and take away any suspicious activity and this software comes with your Fortnite game. Corruption in this service can cause errors. Here we have mentioned the steps to repair the Anti-Cheat Service.

  • Open the File Explorer on your system.
  • Search Easy anti-cheat then select EasyAntiCheat_setup.exe file.
  • Now, right-click on the EasyAntiCheat_setup.exe and Run as Administrator.
  • Then the anti-cheat service software will open, and click on Fortnite.
  • Click on the Repair Service button and the service is repaired.

Fix 4. Close Unwanted Programs

Sometimes Fortnite Error 30005 occurs because many programs running in the background that are using the internet too much let’s close these unwanted programs by following these steps:

  • First of all, in your search bar at the bottom type Task Manager and then select the first option from the search list.
  • Then check which program is using more internet.
  • Now right-click on that program and hit the End task.
  • And now, check whether the “Fortnite Error 30005” is solved or not.

Fix 5. Power Cycle your Wi-Fi Router

This solution has worked for many users to fix the Fortnite Error 30005 if above mention solution did not show any improvement. You need to follow these steps:

  • Turn off the router by unplugging the power cables and other connections.
  • Almost after 20-25 seconds, plug in the power cable.
  • And wait for the lights of the router to turn on and check whether the Fortnite Error 30005 is solved or not.

Fix 7. Reinstall Easy Anti Cheat To Fix Fortnite Error 30005 [Tested]

Reinstall Easy Anti-Cheat is another method to solve the Fortnite Error 30005 if previous methods are not useful.

  • Go to the Fortnite game install directory which simply means where you installed the game.
Fix Fortnite Error 30005 EasyAntiCheat
  • Open the Easy Anti Cheat folder that is usually located at Fortnite Game > Binaries > Win64 > Easy Anti Cheat.
fix Fortnite error Create file failed with 32
  • Then, click on the EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe file and allow administrator permission by clicking yes.
fix Fortnite error of launch
  • Now click on the uninstall option. This will uninstall the Easy Anti-Cheat application.
uninstall Easy Anti-cheat to fix 30005 error code
  • Now, click on the Install Easy Anti-Cheat option and then the Finish option. This will reinstall the application.
Install Easy Anti-Cheat to fix Fortnite error code
  • After performing above mentioned steps restart the system and then check if the error still occurs.

Unfortunately, if this solution does not work. Then it is recommended that uninstall Fortnite entirely and then reinstall it again. And then reinstall Easy Anti Cheat again. There are more chances that this might help.

Fix 8. Reinstall Fortnite Game

It is recommended that try the above solutions before uninstalling the Fortnite Game. Here are the steps for how you uninstall Fortnite on a system:

  • Start the Epic Game launcher then click on your Library.
  • Now Click on the three dots at the side of your game
  • Now click on the option uninstall.
  • After that restart the Epic Games launcher.
  • Now install your Fortnite game again.

Fix 9. Verify the Fortnite Game File

Sometimes missing or corrupted game files are a common cause of Fortnite error 30005, so make sure to verify your Fortnite game files from the Epic Games launcher.

  • Open the Epic Games launcher on your computer then navigate to the library.
Verify Fortnite Game File
  • Under Fortnite, select the Cog icon and then click on verify.
click on verify game files in epic game launcher
  • It will take some time to get Fortnite game files ready for verification.
  • Now start the verification and wait for the process to finish.
  • These steps will automatically replace or repair Fortnite files if they are corrupted.

Fix 10. Delete SYS File

Deleting the SYS file is another effective method to overcome the Fortnite error code 30005. To delete it from your system, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Fortnite game install directory.
  • Now open the Easy Anti Cheat folder that is usually located at Fortnite Game > Binaries > Win64 > Easy Anti Cheat
  • Right-click on the file EasyAntiCheat.sys and delete it.
  • Once the file is deleted, restart the game and see if the problem is resolved.
Delete SYS File to fix Fortnite error code

Fix 11. Enable the Easy Anti-Cheat Service

If you have disabled the Fortnite anti-cheat service by mistake, it could also be a reason for the Fortnite error 30005. To enable the service back on your system by following:

  • Press the keys Windows + R together to open the Run prompt. Then type in the code word “services. msc” and press the enter key.
  • Then double-click on Easy Anti-Cheat service.
  • Click on the Start option then set Automatic as the default in terms of the Startup Type.
  • Now click on Apply then OK to save the changes and restart the game and see if the problem is resolved.

Fix 12. Disable Anti-Virus

Sometimes Anti-Virus programs that we use to protect our systems from viruses can cause Fortnite error 30005. If you have tried all other solutions given yet nothing seems to work, then try turning off or disabling your anti-virus software to see if the problem will be resolved.

Contact Support

After trying all of the above methods if the Fortnite error 30005 is still bothering you then it is time to contact Fortnite support. Visit their support page and tell them that you have used all methods but the problem persists.