How to Fix Fortnite Error Code 93 (Unable to Join Party) On PS4/PS5/XBOX

Error code 93 is a common error in Fortnite that you can easily fix.

Stuck with Fortnite error code 93 with the message “unable to join the party.” The Epic Game has yet to explain why players are dealing with error code 93 unable to join a party when players try to join multiplayer.

When you see this error you will automatically be kicked out of playing a multiplayer game. Usually, error code 93 is triggered by a wrong “private” lobby invite and skins. You can fix the issue by changing the skins, connecting through the Epic Friends list, or using the public lobby.

In case, you are still dealing with Fortnite error code 93 unable to join the party then this article is for you. Here we have hand-picked the best solutions that worked for us when we encountered this error.

How to Fix Fortnite Error Code 93 (Unable to Join Party)

Apply the below-mentioned fixes and join an existing party to play with your friends.

Fix 1: Check for Server Issues

Before going any further take a look at the game server status. Sometimes players encountered error code 93 in Fortnite because of server issues. Check the server status of Fortnite by visiting the official Epic Games server status page.

Fix 2: Change your Skin

If there’s no server-related issue and you are still dealing with unable to join party message right after seeing error code 93. Then try changing your skin.

Even though there is no particular reason for this to work, the Fortnite community has confirmed that changing skin has on more than a few occasions allowed players including me to bypass error 93.

Fortnite error code 93 unable to join the party

You can do this by logging out, logging back in, and changing your skin. After that join your friend’s party.

Fix 3: Change the Party Type to Public

Another solution that you have to fix error code 93 is to switch your created lobby from private to public. If you skip the party invite step and use the public lobby then people will join your lobby without invitation.

However, this change can only be done by the party leader. So tell your friends that you are dealing with error code 93 and change the lobby status.

In case you are the party leader then follow the instructions below.

Fix Fortnite error code 93 on PS4, PS5, and XBOX
  • From the main dashboard of Fortnite, click on the party icon appearing on the top-left of the screen.
  • Click on the gears icon associated with your account.
  • Adjust Party Privacy from Public to Private and save the modification.
  • Invite your friends once again and see if your problem is now resolved.

Fix 4: Join Friends Through the Epic Games Friends List

If you are still dealing with Fortnite error code 93 when joining an existing party then try to join your friends through the Epic Games friend list instead of the Fortnite Friends list. Use your Email address or Epic Username to add your friends to the Epic game launcher’s friend list.

Once they are on the list attempt to re-join the lobby to see if the Fortnite error code 93 is resolved to.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Start the Epic game launcher and start Fortnite.
  • Navigate to your friend’s list in the Epic Games client and click to add new friends, type your friend’s name, and click add.
  • Once your friend has accepted the request try entering the lobby in the game.
  • If you’re on Xbox use your friend’s Xbox Gamer tag to make the friend request.
Fix Fortnite unable to join party error code 93

You can also try and unfriend your party members and re-find them in the Epic Games friend list to see if that resolves the problem.

Fix 5: Restart the Game

If there is no server issue or none of the above fixes help you to resolve your Fortnite unable-to-join party error code 93, then the best option is to restart your game on PS4, PS5, or XBOX. This simple solution helps many players who experience connection issues and can be an effective way to fix Fortnite error code 93.

Fix 6: Restart the Router

Sometimes routes cause problems with internet connectivity. To rule out this point try to restart your router and see if the Fortnite error code 93 (unable to join the party) is resolved.

  • Turn off the router for 30 seconds and then turn it on.
  • Reconnect your mobile in case you are dealing with this error 93 on Android or PC.

To play Fortnite make sure that you have an internet connection of 3 Mbps or above.