Fortnite: Fortnitemares Quests Dance on Alteration Altar to Get Howler Claws

Turn yourself into a deadly Werewolf with these claws.

Fortnite’s Halloween event Fortnitemares is live in-game with new game modes, werewolves, and new quests which will give you special Halloween rewards.

There are new werewolf abilities in the new mode. You can get the werewolf abilities by making your way to the Alteration Altars.

Location For the Alteration Altar

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The Alteration Altar can be found near the ChromeJam Junction area. When the game starts, you’ve to open the map and you will see a star icon pinned on the map near ChromeJam Junction.

You can land there at the start of the game or in the ChromeJam Junction to first loot around and come back to the star icon pinned for the Alteration Alar.

Location for the Alteration Altar in Fortnite

Fortnitemares Quest: How to get Howler Claws in Fortnite

The new Fortnitemares event has daily quests which will give you special rewards. You’ve to go to the Alteration Altars. You will find an emote in the Alteration Altars.

Use the Ritual Emote found there and it will offer you the Howler Claws, which further unlocks the abilities of werewolves.

Fortnitemares Quest Dance on Alteration Altar to get the Howler Claws

After you’ve gotten the Howler Claws, here’s everything you can do with your Howler Claws.

Wolfscent Ability

Wolfscent Ability can be activated by using the Howl or activate Wolfscent option. Wolfscent Ability has a limited timer and a cooldown after which it can be used again. You can use it to track enemies near you. Wolfscent Ability also puts a marker on the nearby enemies.

Slash Ability

When you’ve equipped with the Howler Claws, you will get Claws of course with the slashing ability. Slash Ability is a four-combo melee attack with your claws.

Slash Ability of Howler Claws in Fortnite

Air Slash Ability

Air Slash Ability can be used or triggered when you’re in the air. For example, if you’re jumping from high ground to an enemy you can use the air slash and it will do a melee combo while landing on your enemy.

You can also, do a double jump and then air slash towards your enemy and you will dash towards your enemy doing them damage while landing.

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