Fortnite: How to Acquire Zero Point Pretzels

The all-new Fortnitemares event has the Fortnite island covered in Halloween Spirits. There are tons of new Halloween-inspired locations, as well as new quests, bosses, rewards, and items. The new update includes the trick and treating with a new catch. New Zero Point Pretzels with special powers to help you in moving around the map with the ability to dash.

Acquire Zero Point Pretzels Quest

Fortnitemares have new quests where you have to use Zero Point Pretzels. The quests need you to use Zero Point Pretzel three times in different matches. Also, if you complete Fortnitemares daily quests, you will unlock the rare glider reward for completing the Zero Point Pretzels quest.

Visit Chrome Punk to buy Zero Point Pretzels

Zero Point Pretzels are available in certain locations. One of the ways to get the Pretzels is by buying them from Chrome Punk NPC. Chrome Punk can be found at the Flutter Barn. We have done a guide for Chrome Punk quest for Dance with Chrome Punk, you can check that out to find the exact location for Chrome Punk. You will find Chrome Punk under the Pancakes Hologram in Flutter Barn.

Visit Chrome Punk to buy Zero Point Pretzels

As Chrome Punk is a NPC, he will be moving and can be in a slightly different place in the Flutter Barn. You can go to the NPC and buy Zero Point Pretzels.

One Zero Point Pretzel costs 120 Gold Bars, you will have to collect Gold Bars in order to simply buy them from him.

Visit Candy Buckets at Fort Jonsey to get Zero Point Pretzels

There are Candy Buckets at different locations throughout the island. They are found outside the Houses. The Chrome area doesn’t have any Candy Buckets.

Visit Candy Buckets at Fort Jonsey to get Zero Point Pretzels

You can go to Fort Jonsey and you can land at the House beside the bridge. There are two Candy Buckets outside the house. You can search both and you will get Zero Point Pretzels. The house is located on the Northwest side of Fort Jonsey.

Zero Point Pretzels gives players the Zero Point gravity ability for a short time. You can press the spacebar to dash forward. Also, you will not take fall damage while using the Pretzels.

You have to get Zero Point Pretzels a total of three times in different matches to complete the Fortnitemares quest.

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