Fortnite: How to Purchase a Shotgun from Ash Williams

Fortnite has gone spooky season with the new Fortnitemares update. There are new rewards in the event with new quests. The new Fortnitemares quests are live.

In these quests, players have to find Ash Williams, the famous character from Evil Dead. Players have to purchase a Shotgun from Ash Williams to complete the quest.

Where to find Ash Williams

As we all know, Ash William is a famous Character from the Evil Dead series. Ash Williams lives in his house from the series which is known as The Knowby Cabin.

Location for Ash Williams

Ash Williams is a new NPC in the Fortnitemares update. Most of the NPCs in Fortnite are relatively famous and have bigger Points of Interest. While Ash Williams lives in a small cabin called Knowby Cabin.

Knowby Cabin is located west of the Reality Tree. You can follow the given location on the map to make your way to the Knowby Cabin easily.

Location for Ash Williams

You have to go to the marked location as shown on the map and you will find a cabin beside trees. If you start moving west from Reality Tree, you have to follow the main road going and you will eventually reach the Knowby Cabin.

Purchase a Shotgun from Ash Williams

This is where Ash Williams lives. The Knowby Cabin is in a dark place and gives scary Evil Dead-inspired vibes. There are big mushrooms and trees surrounding the Ash Williams house. Knowby Cabin looks like the following shown in the photo.

Purchase a Shotgun from Ash Williams

After discovering the Knowby Cabin, you’ve to go through the main door. You will find Ash Williams roaming in the lounge when you enter through the main door.

Go to Ash Williams and interact with him. He will give you a random item. This is not it, he also has a shop and he sells different weapons as well. Visit his shop by interacting with him. You have to purchase a Shotgun from him.

Purchase a Shotgun from Ash Williams

Ash Williams sells an epic rarity Lever Action Shotgun. You’ve to purchase this Shotgun from him. This will complete the quest and you’re good to go.

NOTE: Do not attack Ash Williams as he will turn in to a boss and you will have to defeat him.

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