Fortnitemares: How to Defeat Inquisitor

Fortnite has gone spooky season with the new Fortnitemares update. There are new rewards in the event with new quests. There are new bosses to defeat in the Fortnitemares update as well. Some of the new Halloween-themed areas have their unique bosses that are Mythic and can drop you a great number of rewards when defeated.

Inquisitor Boss Location

Inquisitor Boss fight is a Fortnitemares quest as well. You will get the Fortnitemares quests for Help defeat Inquisitor at Grim Gables. Grim Gables is the new Halloween-themed location in the Fortnitemares update. It is next to the ChromeJam Junction.

Fortnite Inquisitor Boss Location

You can open the map while landing at the start of the game and go to the Grim Gables. You’ve to go into the main house at the Grim Gables. After you’ve entered through the main door. You will find a carpet when you head in from the main entrance.

You will drop at a summoning ground from the carpet which will start glowing up with fire. Inquisitor will be spawned immediately.

drop at a summoning ground from the carpet which will start glowing up with fire. Inquisitor will be spawned immediately.

How to Defeat Inquisitor Boss

Inquisitor can be summoned by stepping on by going in between the circle of the flames and the flames will start lighting up with fire rising from the ground. Inquisitor has two health bars, one shield bar, and one health bar.

You would have to take out the shield first and then the actual health bar can be damaged.

Inquisitor has one main attack where he throws fire, which can deal you a lot of damage. Next, he has an SMG and Pumpkin Launcher which will also deal you a great amount of damage.

You’ve to stay in cover and move as soon as he starts throwing fire towards you.

How to Defeat Inquisitor Boss

The best way to deal damage to Inquisitor is by equipping a lot of explosives, you can use grenades, Pumpkin Launcher and Goo Guns. The best way can be first loot for all the required weapons to go in for the fight with Inquisitor.

Shotgun also does a great amount of damage but you will have to get close to the Inquisitor which can be a bit risky you can run and gun him which will give you more mobility.

Join Party to Defeat Inquisitor

The quest does not bind you into solo defeating Inquisitor. You can ask your friends to hop on in the game with you. You can easily defeat Inquisitor by partying up and playing in a squad.

Rewards for defeating Inquisitor Boss

After you’ve defeated the Inquisitor boss, you will get the Inquisitor’s Mythic suppressed SMG. Mythic is the highest rarity item in Fortnite. His suppressed SMG has greater firepower and damage.

You can also get a Legendary Pumpkin Launcher. This will give you an advantage over other players in earning yourself a victory royale.

Rewards for defeating Inquisitor Boss

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