Fortnitemares: How to defeat Willow Boss

Fortnitemares Event is live as Fortnite tributing the Halloween season. There are new skins, packs, and other in-game items also available with the Fortnitemares update.

Where to Find Willow Boss Location

There are new NPCs and bosses with the new update as well. Such a boss is Willow which was first released back in Chapter 2. Now she has returned to the island with the spooky season and evil on the island.

Willow is located down South West from the Rave Cave towards the end of the map. You will find a cabin in the desert area. You will reach Willow’s Haunt.

She will spawn as soon as you enter the cabin. The exact location of the Willow Boss is shown on the map.

Where to Find Willow Boss Location in Fortnitemares

How to Defeat Willow Boss

Willow has a big axe and a lot of scare-jump zombies who will be attacking you when you’re on the way to defeat Willow. Willow also rewards a rare weapon when she is defeated.

After you’ve made your way to Willow’s Haunt. You will be facing the boss after you’ve made your way inside the Cabin. Some Scare jump zombies will spawn alongside Willow.

Use a Shotgun to deal more damage

During the fight being more mobile and moving a lot will give you an edge over Willow. As she will be following you with her big axe to deal player damage. One swing of Willow’s deals 12 damage if it hits the player.

Willow is an easier boss compared to the Inquisitor in the Fortnitemares. So, you don’t have to worry much.

Use a Shotgun to deal more damage To Willow Boss

Steps to follow to defeat Willow

You can follow the following steps in order to easily defeat Willow.

  • After the Willow is spawned, get out of the Cabin. Lure her out and the zombies to fight them in open.
  • Willow will be following you with his big axe to deal you damage, run around and use your shotgun to deal her damage.
  • Willow can move pretty fast so be sure to dodge her axe attacks and jump around often to counter-attack.
  • Kill the Jumpscare zombie first and then move towards fighting her.
  • Use the Pumpkin launcher from the Fortnitemares event which is a Legendary Launcher to deal a great amount of damage to the boss. This will give you an advantage over her and win the fight easily.

Rewards for Defeating Willow Boss

As Willow is an easier boss, you will not receive her big pick axe to help you in winning the battle royale victory. She will drop you random Epic weapons and some other items, which will help you in winning the victory.

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