Four Video Games That Will Enrich Your Life

Through the development of current games, consoles, and peripherals, the gaming business has developed tremendously. As a result, even in the world of gamers, the ever-increasing buzz around these technological gadgets has caused many adolescents to regard video gaming consoles as a necessity, rather than an accessory in their lives.

Long gone are the times when the video games were pixelated or lacked the bandwidth to support high-quality images. All thanks to the top-notch service providers that keep up with consumer demands. Not only for technology but also in the field of customer services. A Mediacom user, for instance, can call the Mediacom phone number at any given time of the day and have their tech-related assistance from a trained customer agent, so as a gamer you never have to worry about losing due to a lagging connection.

Best Video Games Of All Time For PC

We have seen a lot of transition in video games as to how they were a decade back. If you were to ask us what is the best video game of all time for you, it will be a tricky situation.

It is not just simple to give you one, how about the top 4 that we still cannot shake off and would love to go on a marathon for these as well.

Without any wait let’s find out and see if you like any of the following as well.

Grand Theft Auto V

Supported Devices: PS3, Xbox 360 consoles, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Grand Theft Auto V was yet another successful Rockstar game, that follows three crooks who plan their survival by conducting heists. The tale follows these three as they use their eight skills to achieve assignments and missions.

The characters can be controlled in either a first-person or third-person perspective, and their abilities improve with each mission accomplished. The story of these three is advances by FBI agents who demand that a series of operations be carried out.

How far would these three thieves go, or be taken to ensure their survival was a treat to play.

Super Mario Odyssey

Supported Devices: The Nintendo Switch

Bowser has kidnapped Princess Peach from the Mushroom Kingdom once more intending to force her to marry him. Right? Mario and Cappy, a cap that enables Super Mario to manipulate various objects, including characters, are introduced.

Mario journeys through the numerous kingdoms, chasing Bowser and attempting to prevent the wedding from taking place. Odyssey is a large game in which exploring is crucial. Even once the game is finished, there is still a lot to do.

Nonetheless, Maria remains the best gaming franchise for us and no matter which version you choose to play, you always end up enjoying it the most.

Halo 2

Supported Devices: Xbox Consoles, and PC.

The Covenant alien race is threatening to wipe out humanity, and Master Chief, a genetically enhanced supersoldier, is the only thing standing in their way. In ‘Halo 2,’ Master Chief returns with new weapons, vehicles, settings, and much more.

This time, you’ll be able to interact with your surroundings, can wield two weapons at the same time, board opponents’ vehicles, and can even switch sides to play as a Covenant’s Elite as well instead.

Tekken 3

Supported Devices: PlayStation, and Arcade.

An ancient evil spirit has reawakened, attacking silently and feasting on the souls of powerful warriors. To entice it out of its hiding place, the greatest fighting competition the world has ever seen will be required.

Tekken 3 Some are battling for vengeance, while others are fighting for honor. At the end of the day, everyone is fighting for their life and the fate of humanity. I’m sure we cannot forget beating our siblings to this game. Memories.

Wrapping Up

Video games continue to change and we get something far better and new every other while. Nevertheless, our list above is of the games that would probably never get old, and on a side note, we are off to the video game marathon for Super Mario.

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