Genshin Impact: All the New Features and Changes in Update 3.3

Genshin Impact is an action roleplaying game in which players have a lot of things to do. Now with the new update developers did many changes to the game. They have added new features and functions. So the players are curious to know how many changes have been made in the new update.

In this guide, we will discuss All the New Features and Changes in Update 3.3.

Nilou Skill Optimization

They made Tranquility Aura from Nilou’s Elemental Skill smooth and optimize.

Name Changed for Quicksand

They renamed Quicksand Unagi to Quicksand Eel.

Keqings’s C2 fix

They have fixed the Keqings’s 2nd constellation effect works as it was intended to do.

Inventory Feature

They have introduced new inventory features. You can now filter the Artifacts based on Lock Status, Level Status, and Equipment Status in your inventory.

Purchase Limit

They have increased the purchase limit. If your trust rank in Serenitea Pot is 10 then the maximum purchase limit of furnishings is now doubled.

Commission Nerf

 They decreased the overall difficulty of the commission β€˜β€™Hey, Come Out!’’ is decreased.

Cat’s Tail Tavern

You can now access Cat’s Tail Tavern in Mondstadt. They also changed the entrance of Cat’s Tail Tavern.

Genius Invokation TCG

They introduced the new gameplay system in TCG. This requires a minimum Adventure Rank 32 and the Completion of Archon Quest (Song of the Dragon and Freedom) to unlock. It is a table card game where players can use various different types of cards in a dueling competition. You need to defeat the NPCs in the open world and from Prince’s Shop in Cat’s Tail to obtain the cards. The game has its own mechanics system which differs in certain aspects but follows the same elemental reaction system. There is also a new toggle button added on the map to show TCG Playing NPCs.

Follow-Up Commissions

They have added the new follow-up commissions. These are the commissions.

  1. The Day the Sword Departs
  2. The Sparrow Studies the Blade
  3. Where is the unseen Razor

New Recipes

They have added three new recipes. These are the recipes.

  1. Samosa
  2. Shimi Chazuke
  3. Traditionally-Made Charcoal-Baked Ajilenakh Cake.

New Domain and Artifacts

They have added a new domain of blessing (City of Gold). To unlock this requires a minimum Adventure Rank of 22 and you also need to complete the Archon Quest (Song of the Dragon and Freedom).

You will get these two artifacts upon completion.  

  1. Desert Pavilion Chronicle
  2. Flower of Paradise Lost

New Four Namecards

  1. Wanderer: Drifter’s Ballad
  2. Faruzan: Sealed Secret
  3. Achievement: Invoker
  4. Travel Notes: Stellar Rivers

New Weapons

  • Tulaytullah’s Remembrance (5-star Catalyst)
  • Toukabou Shigure (4-star Sword)

New Characters

  • Wanderer (5-Star)
  • Faruzan (4-Star)

More FeaturesΒ Β Β Β Β Β Β Β 

  •  More Language Support.
  • Teapot Traveling Salesman now sells Coral Butterfly.
  • New Archon Quest (Interlude Chapter: Act III Inversion of Genesis). Requires Adventure Rank 40 to unlock.
  • They have optimized the plunging attack of Polearm Characters.

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