God of War Ragnarok – How to Get Dragon-Scaled Armor

Access the location of hunting Dragons, that's where you will find the Dragon Scaled Armor.

If you are looking for arguably the best armor in God of War Ragnarok then Dragon Scaled Armor is the answer. You get this armor once you slay the dragon and in return, it will increase Strength and Defence.

Just like other armors that you can find in the God of War Ragnarok, Dragon Scaled Armor has its own way to unlock and resources to upgrade.

In this guide, we will discuss how you can find Dragon Scaled Armor in GoW Ragnarok and how to gather resources to upgrade its levels.

Dragon Scaled Armor Resources Locations in God of War Ragnarok

To craft the Armor you need to get the resources first. Resources can be found at different locations on the map. You can also go to the game menu to check the availability and needs of the resources. You need to find the (Tooth of Fallen Dragon and Dragon Claw). Which you can find by completing the favor of Vanaheim. There you will meet three bosses.

You have to defeat them to get the resources. You can get the Dragon Claw by defeating the boss in (The Dessert Door) which comes in the (Favor Quest) completion. You will see the boss after you open the cave door.

First Resources location in God of War Ragnarok to get Dragon Scaled armor

You can also get the resources by defeating the flying dragon during the (Rescue Birgir). You will see a dragon attached to a tree that will attack you by flying.

Second resources location to get the Dragon Scaled armor

The third place is near the lake where you dock your boat. There you will encounter the Dreki. He will attack you instantly when you try to use the boat. Defeat the boss to get the resources.

Third resources location

How To Craft and Upgrade Dragon-Scaled Armor?

Before you can craft dragon-scaled armor you need to get the resources that I have elaborated on earlier. Here I will tell you the exact resources that you need to craft and upgrade the armor.

Dragon Scaled Girdle

Ingredients: Dragon Tooth’s (10)

For Upgrade:

  • Hacksilver 25000
  • Dragon Claw 2
  • Dragon Tooth 8
  • Divine Ashes 750
  • Purified crystalline 20

Dragon Scaled Bracers:

Ingredients: Dragon Tooth (10)

For Upgrade:

  • Hacksilver 16500
  • Dragon Claw 1
  • Dragon Tooth 8
  • Divine Ashes 750
  • Purified Crystalline 20

Dragon Scaled Breastplate

Ingredients: Dragon Claw (1) | Dragon Tooth (2)

For Upgrade:

  • Hacksilver 25000
  • Dragon Claw 2
  • Divine Ashes 1500
  • Smoldering Ambers 2

When you got all the resources you can craft the Dragon Scaled Armor by going to Sindri’s Shop.

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