God of War Ragnarok – How to Complete Path of Destruction Favor

There is a walkthrough of every location of God of War Ragnarok. Which you have to follow to unlock the new places and get the resources. Which will later help you to upgrade your items and progress in the game.

In this guide, we will discuss the Path of Destruction walkthrough.

Location for Path of Destruction:

The path of destruction starts in the jungle where you follow the circular wooden path. Go forward and you will see a big footstep. Go and interact with the footstep after jumping across the broken bridge. In front of the footsteps, you will see a short path to the right side. Go through there and you will reach an open place where you’re Path of Destruction quest will start.

location for path of destruction

Path of Destruction:

You will many footsteps in that area and a big Well where you have to go inside by using a grappler. When you reach the bottom you will see a circular cage blocks the path you need to open the cage. You can open the cage by using the axe on Axel which will pick the cage up. To the left side of the cage, you need to interact with the blue words written on the wall. After that open the chest which is in front of the cage. Open the chest and you will receive the Jewel of Yggdrasil.

Climbing the chain

Open the gate and move forward. A little further you will see a big circular hive area. In front of that, you will see a chain. Use the chain to climb the wall. Go back to the Well area where your quest starts. Outside the Well, you will see some wolf creatures. You need to cage the creature so the dragon can appear. Attack the creature so he can follow when he reaches in the cage area pull your axe off. Pull the chain to move the lift up. After that go to the area where you start the quest.

How to defeat Slag Horn:

After reaching the place you will see the Dragon which will instantly attack you. He will use the tail attack in which he will throw a part (snail) of his tail on you. Which you can dodge easily. Then the next one he will do is swing his body around and attack you from the tail. He will also use his head to attack you as he has a big horn on his head. He will also do a smash attack in which he will use his right foot and smash the ground.

Fight Slag Horn

He will also do a heavy attack in which he will throw multiple snails on you from his tail. You can dodge this attack by diving to the right side. The next one he will do is smash his both foot on the ground you can dodge this attack by keeping your distance. He will also do a slow red attack in which it will show you a warning and try to bite you from his head. You can dodge this attack easily.

If you want to defeat the dragon easily try to attack his feet which will give him a lot of damage. Try to use the special ability of all your weapons as much as you can to give him damage. Once you understand his attacks you can defeat him easily.

Rewards for completing Path of Destruction:

After defeating him you will receive some rewards.

  • Greater Regenerating Essence (Which is an Amulet Enhancement).
  • Dragon Tooth (2)
  • Dragon Claw (1)
  • Purified Crystalline (15)
Greater Regenerating Essence

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