God of War Ragnarok – How to Defeat Alva Boss

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During quests in GoW Ragnarok Karatos will meet different bosses that he has to defeat. One such boss is Alva who will meet during Groa’s Secret Quest in the Third Chapter.

By continuing your journey in God of War you will reach Alfheim Realm (The Land/Home of Elves). During the quest, you will meet Alva. Alva is a strong boss wielding two swords and moves very fast around.

In this guide, we will discuss how to defeat Alva in GoW Ragnarok.

Who is Alva God of War

You will meet Alva during the Groa’s Secret Quest. You can find her in the Temple of Light. While entering the temple you will see her. Alva is tall and moves very fast having two swords she can give you damage in no time.

She can kill you very easily if you didn’t understand her attacks. Her attacks are very fast so it will give you less time to save yourself.

How to Defeat Alva Boss in Temple of Light

How to Defeat Alva Boss in Temple of Light

Alva has multiple sword attacks which she will use during the fight. You will see her after entering the temple. Try smashing an enemy on the ground and suddenly Alva will appear and instantly attacks you.

You will see two blue circles around her body when she first attacks. During this attack, she will swing her both swords. Use your shield to guard the attack.

Tips and Strategies for Defeating Alva in GoW Ragnarok

Spear attack

She will combine both swords and make a spear and attacks you.

Spear Horizontal Attack

In this attack, she will combine the swords and throw them horizontally toward you. 

Cross Blade Attack

In this situation, she will throw the summon blades very quickly. This attack is very difficult to dodge because it is very quick and fast.

Slash Blade

In this attack, she will quickly approach you and attack you with her both swords. It’s a close-range attack.

Fly and Smash Attack

In this situation, she will fly and smash her both swords on the ground like a Power-Bomb. Which will create a blue smash on the ground.

fly and smash attack

She will use these attacks during the whole fight and when her HP is less than half her attacks will come more repeatedly and quickly.

Reward For Defeating Alva

In the end, you will use her sword against her to kill her. You will also get some rewards like (Rond of Expedition) which is a shield attachment.

Rond of Expedition attachment

This is how you can defeat Alva. We hope this guide will help you.

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