God of War Ragnarok – How to Defeat Corpse Eater

In God of War Ragnarok, we have to defeat bosses at different stages in the game. You will encounter some bosses in the main story and some as the side bosses during the quests. For the main story boss, you must have to defeat them but you can skip the side bosses.

In this guide, we will discuss how to defeat Corpse Eater.

Corpse Eater:

Corpse Eater is a dragon boss that can fly and also do multiple attacks. It’s a trickier boss and you will find him eating the dead body of some animal. You will find him during the (Trail of the Dead Favor). 

fight corpse eater

How to Defeat Corpse Eater:

After seeing you at first he will instantly fly in the air and try to attack you with his feet which is a yellow attack and the second one he will do is try to grab you and take you in the air. This attack will also benefit you in damaging the boss because you can attack him in the air while he catches you.

corpse eater air attack

When he flies in the air and attacks you case you dodge his attack he will fall down. You can give a lot of damage to the dragon by using multiple attacks like runic and relic attacks.

Also, use the spear to attack him in the air when he closes the distance. He will also do a light head attack in which he will smash his head toward you. Make sure to parry the attack.

He will also do heavy attacks like smash his wings and throw multiple snow crystal balls five at a time. And in the same attack, he will throw multiple snow crystal balls. Make sure to dodge them. He will also do a laser light attack.

In this attack, he shoots a laser from his mouth. Make sure to dodge and use different attacks to give him damage. He will also do a Red attack in which he charges at you. Make sure to dodge the attacks.

corpse eater heavy dash attack

Try to understand his attack pattern. The most suitable way to attack him is when uses his fly attacks which will give you a lot of time to attack him. Use your special abilities to give him a lot of damage. This will help you a lot to defeat him easily.

Rewards for defeating Corpse Eater:

After defeating the Dragon you will get some rewards.

  • Sigil of Doom (Which is an Amulet Enhancement)
  • Bonded Leather (40)
  • Dragon Claw (2)
  • Purified Crystalline (20)
Sigil of doom amulet

This is how you can defeat Corpse Eater. We hope this guide will help you.

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