God of War Ragnarok – How to Defeat Dreki Boss

God of War Ragnarok is a full thriller. Where you have to continue your journey to different locations. In every quest, you have to defeat a boss to continue your journey. Kratos continues his journey through Aurvangar Wetlands where he meets the Boss Dreki. You have to defeat him.

In this guide, we will discuss Dreki Boss and how to defeat him.

Dreki Boss

Dreki Boss is a lizard type of Crocodile. It’s a fast-paced boss with a combination of multiple attacks. You will encounter this boss multiple times in God of War. For the first time, you will meet this boss when you are doing Aurvangar Wetlands Quest. For the second time, you will meet him during the Vanaheim Quest. The second time there will be a pair of Dreki Boss (Red colored or Sky Blue Colored).

How to Defeat Dreki Boss

For the first, you will see while you are heading towards the cave continuing you’re (Aurvangar Wetlands) Quest. You will see a Dragon already dead your son (Atreus) will check on him. During this time the Dreki boss will appear. He will instantly attack you. He has multiple attacks like he will try to attack through his mouth tail and legs. Dreki Boss is an easy Boss to defeat once you understand his attack pattern.

How to Defeat Dreki Boss

For the first half of his HP, he will use simple attacks. The first one is a Jump attack, in this attack he will instantly jump toward you and try to bite you. You can dodge this attack by simply using your shield. The next one he will through a water bomb a single and then multiple during the situation when he is taking more damage. You can simply dodge this attack by jumping right or left in the opposite direction of the attack.

Dreki Water bomb attack

The third one he will use his tail to swing around which will throw you back. Stay behind during the situation of this attack.

After half of his HP, his attacks will change. An electric pulse is going to produce from his body. He will throw multiple electric poisons from his mouth which will create a small electric pulse on the ground. If you get hit it can stun and damage you.

The next one is he tries his red circle attack. In this situation, he will produce current and smash his body on the ground. The red circle on his mouth will alert you about this attack. If you keep enough distance you can save yourself from this attack.

Dreki Electric Pulse attack

The Best way to defeat Dreki Boss is to keep your distance from him and try to attack from your axe. Also, you can ask Atreus to use Arrow Attack to give damage to the boss. Guard the attacks most of the time. This will give you less damage and time to take control.

Rewards For Defeating Dreki Boss

You will get the Chaos Flame for the Weapon of Chaos (Two Blades). And also the runic attack for the Weapon of Chaos which you can equip later in (Sindri’s House).

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