God of War Ragnarok -How to Defeat the Frost Phantom

In God of War, you have to face many bosses while progressing in-game. They will appear from time to time in different situations in-game. You have to defeat them. Some bosses will appear multiple times on different occasions and some for one time only where they were defeated and killed by Kratos.

In this guide, we will discuss how to Defeat the Frost Phantom.

Frost Phantom

You will find this boss in the dessert after freeing the second (HAFGUFA). When you reach the place it will pop up from the ground in front of the pillar. It’s a circular boss (A Runic Core) that has one core eye. It moves fast, disappears, and uses multiple attacks.

How to Defeat

After appearing Frost phantom will immediately attack. It will do a red-circle attack and dive into the floor. The red circle attacks are unblockable and you can’t even parry them. You can only dodge which will be easy for you in this case.

It will also do a ground attack like a ground pound. For the first time when you didn’t give any damage, it will do only one ground pound. For the second time, it will do two ground pounds back to back. Once in a great while and three back to back. So, that way you know when Frost phantom will do these attacks and for how much time they will last long. These are easy to dodge just move away.

The next thing he will do is to tentacles it just swings at you which you can easily parry and block them. The next thing you are going to do in the fight is build up the stun meter on the Frost Phantom. You can’t do any direct health damage. You want to build up the stun meter and when you max it out you will see three pillars in the area that you need to destroy. You can destroy them by using the Leviathan Axe and by using the arrows.

You can also see here if you do enough damage quickly it seems that you can stun the Frost Phantom without fully stunning it which will allow you to build the stun meter even more. Just make sure to target the core as much as possible you can. Because it will build up the stun meter fast. It will help you defeat the Frost Phantom very easily. Just destroy the three pillars and finish the Frost Phantom.

This is how you can defeat the Frost Phantom. We hope this guide will help you.

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