God of War Ragnarok – How to Defeat The Hateful

Kratos and Atreus will make their way to Nidavellir in search of Tyr and then they find out that he is hiding in a cave. Tyr has passed through different doors in Applecore and we have to get through them by solving water wheel puzzles.

After getting through the second door, we get to face a Supercharged Draugr known as the Hateful for the first time. We will encounter this boss multiple times throughout the story so it is best to know the technique to defeat it.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat the Hateful in God of War Ragnarok.

How To Defeat The Hateful in GoW Ragnarok

Hateful is a Supercharged Draugr with more speed than the regular Draugrs. You’ll encounter him for the first time after getting through the second gate and when you open the big door, The Hateful will spawn and he will also spawn other regular Draugrs as well.

How To Defeat The Hateful in GoW Ragnarok

As you enter the room, the Hateful will spawn and will rush towards you with his swords. You can time and counter his sword attacks and aggress him with the Axe attacks or Blades of Chaos attacks. But don’t keep your all focus on him because there will be more Draugrs spawning above on the platform on the right side.

  • To get through this fight easily, counter the attacks and let Atreus shoot arrows at the Hateful and you need to go up on the platform and take care of the spawning Draugrs. Kill all the regular Draugrs first and then focus on the Hateful
  • Once you’ve defeated the Draugrs, lock on to Hateful and use the Runic Attack of Blades of Chaos, and then start hitting him with the Blades of Chaos. Now, switch to Leviathan Axe and deal damage to him.
  • The attack that you need to be careful of is the Red Ring Attack because it is a close-range attack so don’t get too close to him. When you see the Red Ring on him, back up a bit and when he has done his attack, aggress him and hit him with the Runic Attacks and Atreus’s Arrows.
How To Defeat The Hateful in GoW Ragnarok
  • The Yellow Ring Attack is the fireball that he shoots at your position, you need to block it with your shield as you cannot dodge it unless you are behind something. He shoots multiple fireballs so clock the fireballs and then aggress him.
  • You need to build up the Stun meter by countering his sword attacks and order Atreus to shoot arrows at him to deal free damage to him. Use Runic Attacks of both weapons on him and whenever you got your Rage meter full in the fight, use it to just put him out of his misery.

Rewards for Defeating The Hateful

It is an easy boss but it can be a complicated one with other Draugrs on his side so get rid of the Draugrs first and then you’ll easily be able to take him out with countering and Runic Attacks. Once you’ve defeated him, loot his corpse for Sovereign Coals, Dust of Realms, and the Cursed Empress Handles. All of these resources will be used to upgrade characters’ gears.

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