God of War Ragnarok: How to Defeat Thor in First Appearance

In God of War, you have to face many bosses while progressing in-game. They time to time on different situations in-game. You have to defeat them. Some bosses will appear multiple times on different occasions and some for one time only where they were defeated and killed by Kratos.

In this guide, we will discuss how to defeat Thor in God of War Ragnarok.

When do Kratos and Thor start to Fight?

This is the beginning of the game where you were sleeping in your house and a storm will appear outside your house. You will see Thor outside your house for the first time in God of War Ragnarok. Kratos asks Thor who he is then Thor will show his hammer.

Thor will ask you if can come inside your house. Kratos will invite him inside for a friendly talk. After some talk, you will hear a knock on the door (Odin will appear). They will offer Kratos peace by asking him not to fight with him (Odin). But Kratos refuses to accept the offer and Thor will hit him with his hammer. After that fight will begin.

How to Defeat Thor in God of War Ragnarok

As Thor is a tough boss. So it will take some time to defeat him. The fight will be in three Phases.

  • 1st Phase
  • 2nd Phase
  • 3rd Phase

First Phase of Thor Fight

At the start of the fight, you will see you didn’t have levitation Axe. Your Axe is left behind in your house. You have to fight him with bare hands. There are multiple attacks Thor will use during the first phase of the fight.

The first one is the first Attack In this attack he will use his hands.

The second attack is a smash attack, in this attack, he will use both hand to smash each other which make a splash of light and push you backward.

The third one is Fast forward, in this situation a red circle will draw around him which will tell you he is going to attack. He travels fast forward and picks you up from your arms and smashes you on the ground. 

As you see you will only have your shield during the first phase so you can use the shield to defend and fists to attack. Understand his attack pattern and dodge. After some attacks, you will see Thor stuns and down on his knees. You can finish him by pressing R3. You have to do it two times after that you will see a cut scene will appear.

Second Phase of Thor Fight

The second phase will begin when you will recall your hammer and Thor will ask you to show him what you got. You will attack with your axe on his stomach. The fight will begin and you will see Thor gain his HP.

The first attack he will use is a Smash ground attack, in this situation, he will use both hands and smash the ground. You can use your axe and shield to dodge the attack. Also, he will use multiple fists to attack. You can also use your rage art to give damage to Thor. After you demolish more than half of his HP.

A cut scene will appear where they will fight and approaches the different location where you will fight with him. After half of Thor’s HP, a cut scene will appear where you let him kill you. He will revive you with his hammer by pressing the hammer on your chest.

All of his attacks remain the same during phase two. He will use his hammer mostly in phase two. He will throw his hammer toward you. You can dodge this attack easily.  He will also use his legs to throw you back. After demolishing his HP to more than half you will see a cut scene.

Third Phase of Thor Fight

During the Cut scene, you will see they will both throw their weapons at each other and make a splash and draw a lightning tree between them.

After that, the fight will begin. Thor will use the same attack pattern during the whole fight in the third phase. You can counter-attack them and dodge them easily. Except for one attack, multiple smash attacks. That will draw multiple red circles on the ground. If you put a step on the circle he will throw multiple fists on the ground which can give a lot of damage and can stun. To prevent this attack you have to stay out of the circle and you can also use your rage if you have.

When his health bar is about to finish, a cut scene will appear where you will punch him. After that, he will left and the fight will come to an end.

This is how you can defeat Thor in the first phase. We hope this guide will help you.

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