God of War Ragnarok – How to find All Midgard Artifact Location

In God of War Ragnarok, every place has its own treasures and artifacts. They are related to the history of that place. These give you the materials through which you can upgrade your weapons and armor.

In this guide, we will discuss how to find Midgard Artifact.

Fert (Shores of Nine Artifact Stolen Treasures):

You can find this treasure in the Shores of Nine. At this location, you will see a temple. Use the Blades of Chaos to enter the temple through the destructive path. In the cave, you will see the artifact to the right and a chest in front of the artifact. Pick both of them.

Fert treasure location

Ankh (The Oarsmen Artifact Stolen Treasures):

This is also located in (The Oarsmen) Shores of Nine. At the entrance, you will see a large stone blocking your path. Interact and remove the stone. Going forward you will recover the region (The Oarsmen). The entrance is underground go and kill small enemies there. After clearing move forward and get outside the place to reach the big ship. The ship can be accessed by using the chain because it’s in a higher place. The ship blocks the path to the artifact. Use the big chain to take aside the Ship. Enter the place and open the chest first and then under the stairs, you will get the artifact.

Ankh treasure location

The Dead Do Not Ride (The Oarsmen Artifact Kvasir’s Poems):

Moving forward you will see some verses written on the rock plate. Interact and move forward to the left you will see a key near the light. Take that key. Near the light, you will see a wooden structure. Break the structure and move forward by opening the gate. You will see a chest to the right side of the wall. To open the chest you need to solve the puzzle.

The puzzle is to ring three bells by using your Leviathan Axe located around the chest. Which will open the chest. After opening that chest you will need to find another chest that is situated higher on the wall. Climb the wall by crawling and opening the red chest to receive the artifact.

Lyre (The Derelict Outpost Artifact Stolen Treasures):

You can find this treasure in The Derelict Outpost after discovering the place. At the entrance, you will see a green raven kill the raven and proceed further through the chain there you will discover the area. There are big gaps in between the ways you can clear them by using the Grappler. After clearing you will see the verses again interact and proceed further. There you will see a second raven kill that raven. You will see this artifact within the corpse lying under the pillar.

lyre treasure location

Janbiya (Lake of Nine Artifact Stolen Treasures):

You can find this treasure inside the big rounded temple near the entrance gate. The entrance is covered in a frozen ice. Break the ice and take the artifact.

janbiya treasure location

Kila (Lake of Nine Artifact Stolen Treasures):

You will find this treasure near the destructive area by climbing the stairs.

kila treasure location

Maya (Lake of Nine Artifact Stolen Treasures):  

You can find this treasure in an open area under the bridge. There you will see an armory corpse. Go there and take the artifact.

maya treasure location

This is how you can find all the Midgard Artifacts. We hope this guide will help you.