God of War Ragnarok: How to Find All The Forbidden Sands Nornir chests

Chests in God of War Ragnarok are found during the quests in different areas. The main reason to get the chests they will give you different resources. That is a must-need for your weapons, armor, and items to upgrade.

There are a total of two Nornir chests that you have to find the Forbidden Sands. You will get these chests during the quest of (Song of the Sands).

In this guide, we will discuss How to find all the Forbidden Sands Nornir Chests.

First Chest in The Forbidden Sands in God of War Ragnarok

You will find this chest in the western corner of The Burrow’s located behind the broken pillar. To open the chest you need to solve the puzzle. The puzzle is to ignite the three pots. Which will open the chest. Basically, these are the three words that will activate the chest. The first one you will find is under the rocky bridge.

You can’t activate the Pot directly first you need to make a way for your fire to reach the pot. You can do this by asking Atreus to use the arrow attack which will make the pink circle around the pot and then ask him again to make another one. Which will make a way then use the Blade of Chaos to ignite the pot.

chest no.1 location in forbidden sands

The next pot is located on the pillar near that bridge. So you need to repeat the same process to ignite the second one. The third one is located near the chest where you can go by crouching underneath the Pillar. You can ignite this simply by using weapons of chaos. Ignite and interact with the chest.

Reward Of Forbidden Sands Nornir chests

You will get the Horn of Blood Mead. Which is used to increase the maximum Rage.

Reward from nornir chest

Second Chest in Temple of The Forbidden Sands

You will find this chest in the cave located under the Statue. Go there and you will find a broken wall which will take you to the cave. Use your Leviathan Axe to go through that wall.

You just have to break the little part of the broken wall. You don’t have to confuse there. Go inside and solve the puzzle to open the chest. This time you have to solve the puzzle differently. You will see multiple statues there.

Chest no. 2 location the forbidden sands

You will see the lights attached together. You also need to break them together. You can’t break them individually. To the left side of the wall, you will see a blue mark use the Leviathan Axe on the mark which will bounce the axe and get into a triangle spin and break them.

Then you need to ignite the three pots one on the left side and you will find the two pots together on the right side. The first one is easy to ignite but for the second and third you need to ignite them to gather.

You will see the pots one under the pillar and one on the pillar. Use the arrow ability by asking Atreus and ignite them as you did in the situation of the first chest. After that, the chest will open.

The Reward of Second Chest in the Temple of The Forbidden Sands

You will get an Idunn Apple which h is used to maximize health.

Nornir chest rewards

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