God of War Ragnarok: How to find All Yggdrasil Dew Locations Svartalfheim

You have to find the treasures in God of War Ragnarok to get the materials and resources for your weapons and armor. So you can upgrade them to a higher level and utilize them during the fight with enemies. Some resources are helpful in increasing your stats like strength, runic, and cool down. Which will help you during the fight.

In this guide, we will discuss how to find all the Yggdrasil Dew Locations in Svartalfheim.

Yggdrasil Dew:

Yggdrasil Dew is a resource that will help to increase your skills. Each location will reward you with different skills. There are a total of five Yggdrasil Dew in Svartalfheim. Yggdrasil Dew Especially helps in increasing your strength which will increase your stamina. Runic helps to increase the effect of the attack.

1st Yggdrasil Dew (Aurvangar Wetlands):

You will find this Yggdrasil Dew in Wetlands (Svartalfheim) attached to the tree. Go and take it by interacting. This will give you RUNIC (2) as a reward.

1st yggdrasil dew location

2nd Yggdrasil Dew (Nidavellar):

This Yggdrasil Dew is located in Nidavellar (Svartalfheim) near the bay of bounty. Go and take it. This will give you COOLDOWN (2) as a reward.

2nd yggdrasil dew location

3rd Yggdrasil Dew (Alberich Hollow):

This Yggdrasil Dew is located between Alberich Island and Alberich Hollow (Svartalfheim). Go and take it. This will give you DEFENCE (2) as a reward.

3rd yggdrasil dew location

4th Yggdrasil Dew (Lyngbakr Island):

This Yggdrasil Dew is located outside to the west of Lyngbakr Island (Svartalfheim). Go there using the boat. After docking the boat you need to climb the wall which you can do by using the chain. After Climbing you see a rock board. Interact with the board to open the door in the front cliff. Use the boat again to reach there. Get the Yggdrasil Dew. This can be unlocked after the main Quest (The Reckoning). This will give you VITALITY (2) as a reward.

4th yggdrasil dew location

5th Yggdrasil Dew (Myrkr Tunnels):

You will be able to find this Yggdrasil Dew outside the Myrkr Tunnels (Svartalfheim). This will give you STRENGTH (2) as a reward.

5th yggdrasil dew location

This is how you can find all the Yggdrasil Dew in Svartalfheim. I hope this guide will help you.

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