Find Bantam Melon Location in Across the Realms – God of War Ragnarok

Where to find Bantam Melon, Elven Cap, and Prongfruit.

Even during the freezing Fimbulwinter in God of War Ragnarok, there’s still a bit of warmth to find in Midgard. Kratos starts a quest called Across the Realms at the Eternal Campfire in the frozen Lake of Nine’s northeast. He needs to get local fruits, gourds, and fungi like Nordic Gourd from Midgard, Prongfruit from Svartalfheim, Elven Cap from Alfheim, and Bantam Melon from Vanaheim.

Kratos and his friends are following the story of two lovers, Jari and Somr, as they look for these ingredients to make a meal that boosts their stats. It takes some effort, but it’s worth it. They have to visit different locations across realms before going back to the Eternal Campfire for a much-needed rest.

In this guide, we will explain all the locations to find Bantam Melon, Elven Cap, and Prongfruit GOW Ragnarok.

Across the Realms Favor Guide in GOW Ragnarok To Get Bantam Melon

You can find Bantam Melon during the Across the Realms Quest. The quest will start when you are on a campfire on a snowy mountain and Kratos will pick up a book. You need to find the recipes. You can use teleport to travel fast to these locations.

So there are four ingredients located in four different places. I.e.

  • Nordic Gourd from Midgard
  • Prongfruit from Svartalfheim
  • Elven Cap from Alfheim and
  • Bantam Melon from Vanaheim

Once you complete the Bantam Melon quest then return to the Eternal Campfire to get your reward.

Upon completion, you will receive 1,000 Kratos XP, 350 Freya XP, and the Meal of Comfort, which permanently increases all of your stats by 5.

1st Ingredient Location: Find The Nordic Gourd in Midgard

Starting the Across the Realms quest in Midgard, finding the Nordic Gourd is very easy. As you head back to your sled from the Eternal Campfire, glance to your left.

Nordic Gourd in Midgard

You’ll notice distinctive heart-shaped graffiti on the rock wall ahead, and right in front of it lies the Nordic Gourd on the ground.

2nd Ingredient Location: Find Prongfruit in Svartalfheim

Chances are, you’ve already been to Svartalfheim and unknowingly visited the Prongfruit’s location. Head to the mountain-top area labeled as “The Forge” on your map.

Find Prongfruit in Svartalfheim

Look for the same heart-shaped graffiti to the north, near the wooden mine train you used during your initial visit to Svartalfheim. The Prongfruit can be found beside the Nornir Chest in this area.

3rd Ingredient Location: Find Elven Cap in Alfheim

Discovering the Elven Cap in Alfheim is simpleβ€”just head to the southwest corner of The Forbidden Sands area, right beside another Nornir Chest.

Find Elven Cap in Alfheim

Once you’ve completed the initial main story arc in Vanaheim, The Forbidden Sands becomes accessible. Return to The Barrens and unlock the sealed gate on the western wall to enter the Forbidden Sands, where you’ll find the coveted Elven Cap waiting for you.

This is how you can find the Bantam Melon. I hope this guide will help you.

4th Ingredient Location: Get Bantam Melon in Vanaheim

Finding the Bantam Melon location in Vanaheim for the Across the Realms quest is undoubtedly the trickiest task.

To pinpoint the Bantam Melon in Vanaheim, head to The Sinkholes on the Eastern Side of The Plains, as indicated on the map.

 Get Bantam Melon in Vanaheim

Accessing this area involves completing two side quests. First, finish the “Scent of Survival” quest at the end of the second main story arc in Vanaheim to unlock The Crater. Then, in the south of The Plains, change the time of day to night and traverse the temple to reach The Jungle. Complete the quest to unblock the dam, flooding The Crater with water.

Sail through to the south of the Sinkholes, roll open the gate chain, and seize the elusive Bantam Melon.

Once you’ve gathered all the ingredients, return to the Eternal Campfire in Midgard to claim your well-deserved and permanent rewardβ€”the Meal of Comfort.

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