God of War Ragnarok – How to find Bantam Melon Location

Where to find Bantam Melon, Elven Cap, and Prongfruit.

In GOW Ragnarok Karatos can favor other people by making a stat-boosting meal. Just like other resources and materials that will be required to upgrade weapons. Th

In this guide, we have explained the Bantam Melon location in GOW Ragnarok. We have also explained where to find Bantam Melon, Elven Cap, and Prongfruit across the realm.

Across the Realms Favor Guide in GOW Ragnarok To Get Bantam Melon

You can find Bantam Melon during the Across the Realms Quest. The quest will start when you are campfire on a snowy mountain and Kratos will pick up a book. You need to find the recipes. You can use teleport to travel fast to these locations.

So there are four ingredients located in four different places. I.e.

  • Nordic Gourd from Midgard
  • Prongfruit from Svartalfheim
  • Elven Cap from Alfheim and
  • Bantam Melon from Vanaheim

Once you complete the Bantam Melon quest then return to the Eternal Campfire to get your reward.

Upon completion, you will receive 1,000 Kratos XP, 350 Freya XP, and the Meal of Comfort, which permanently increases all of your stats by 5.

1st Ingredient Location: Find The Nordic Gourd in Midgard

You can find the first Ingredient (The Nordic Gourd) in Midgard. Go down and you will see the ingredient to the left side under the snow.

Nordic Gourd in Midgard

2nd Ingredient Location: Find Prongfruit in Svartalfheim

This Ingredient is Prongfruit. You can find this ingredient at this location on the map (Svartalfheim). Cross the bridge and head toward the right. Between the cliffs, you will find this ingredient.

Find Prongfruit in Svartalfheim

3rd Ingredient Location: Get Bantam Melon in Vanaheim

This Ingredient is Bantam Melon. You can find this ingredient in Vanaheim at this location. But you need to complete the (Return to the River) in the jungle first to get this ingredient.

Upon reaching the location you will see a cave higher. Use your grappler to get there. Follow the cave and get outside. You will see destructed pillar area. Go left and follow the river to get the ingredient.

 Get Bantam Melon in Vanaheim

4th Ingredient Location: Find Elven Cap in Alfheim

The fourth ingredient is Eleven Cap. You can find this ingredient in Alfheim. There you will see a pair of destructed pillars. Go under the pillar and you will find the fourth ingredient with the lightning pot. Go back to the eternal campfire to finish the quest.

Find Elven Cap in Alfheim

This is how you can find the Bantam Melon. I hope this guide will help you.

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