God of War Ragnarok – How to find Hunter’s Brand Locations for Hunter’s Armor

God of War Ragnarok let you choose different armor sets available in the game. You can choose the armor of your choice according to your preference. Armor lets you defend yourself from the attacks given by enemies. Each armor has its own property and upgrades. That you can do by finding the resources requires by that specific armor. In this guide, we will discuss Hunter Amor.

In Plain Sight Favor:

You can find Hunters Brand by starting the (In Plain Sight Favor) which you can do in The Plains (Vanaheim). This favor will start when you interact with the two Deer Corpses. After that, you have to defeat the Soul Eater a stone shape boss. You will receive Hunter’s Brand as a reward.

Hunter's brand location

Nocturnal Predator Favor:

Next one you will get by completing the (Nocturnal Predator Quest). The quest will start when you interact with the water pot which will summon magic. This will change the day into the dark. There you have to free the Deer from the poison which will start the quest. Proceeding further you will see another Deer you also have to free her.

After doing that the circle will be lightened with dark pink lights. A core will appear which is a (Flame Phantom Boss). The boss can be defeated by destroying the three pink pillars. The pillar will appear when you hit his core multiple times. After defeating the boss you will receive Gale Flame and Hunter’s Brand as a reward.

Hunter's brand location

The Untamed Fury:

This is a side boss which you will find in The Plains (Vanaheim). This is a humanoid horse boss with some simple attacks. After some fight, this boss will disappear and change his location.

boss location

She will go to the sinkholes. There she will fight a little bit and disappear again.

boss location

You will find her at the jungle entrance near the mystic gateway. She will use her spear and horse feet as an attack.

boss location

The boss disappear and run again after some fight. This time you just need to follow the blood to find her. This is her final destination of her. This is the easiest boss to defeat in terms of the fight but finding her at a different location is hectic for you. Defeat the boss and you will receive two Hunter’s Brands as a reward.

Crafting the Hunter’s Armor:

After completing these tasks you will get enough material to craft Hunter’s Armor.

  • Hunter’s Pauldron (Chest Armor)
  • Hunter’s Gauntlets (Wrist Armor)
  • Hunter’s Belt (Waist Armor)

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