God of War Ragnarok – How to find Lake of Nine Buried Treasure

You have to find the treasures in God of War Ragnarok to get the materials and resources for your weapons and armor. So you can upgrade them to a higher level and utilize them during the fight with enemies.

In this guide, we discuss how to find all Lake of Nine Buried Treasures.

Demise of Dagestr (Treasure Map):

This treasure can be found in the Applecore (Svartalfheim) where you can go through Aurangvar Wetlands. Go there and use the water lift beside the river which will take you to the Applecore. Proceed further to encounter small enemies which you can defeat or skip. Move forward until you reach the big lift there you have to spin the axle to move the lift. By using the lift you will reach the cave there you will have to defeat some small enemies. After proceeding further into the cave you need to climb up a wall us the spear to climb up. There you will see a corpse hanging with the spear. There you will see the Treasure map.

demise of dagestr treasure map location

Buried Treasure (Lake of Nine):

You can find this treasure in the Lake of Nine (Midgard). After reaching the location you need to use the ability of detonation to destroy the rock. Destroy the rock and make your path inside. At the end of the wall, you will see a small golden light. Interact with that to get the Buried Treasure.

buried treasure location

After getting the buried treasure you need to find the Viking’s Treasure Map.

Raider Fort Treasure:

You will find this treasure in the raider fort (Midgard). In front of the finishing point of the buried treasure, you will see a campfire. Jump and reach the campfire and receive the Viking’s Gift.

Viking Gift:

You will find this treasure near the King’s Grave (Midgard). But don’t mistake to enter that area because there you have to fight the Berserker Boss which is of high difficulty. Before entering that place you will find a gate before the entrance there you will find this treasure. You can fight with Berserker King Boss once you level up yourself.

Viking Gift location

This is how you find the location of all the treasure maps. We hope this guide will help you.

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