God of War Ragnarok – How to Find Nidavellir Artifacts

Here's a location guide to get Nidavellir Artifacts.

God of war is full of collectible items which include treasures, rewards, and artifacts. Some of them you have to collect while doing storyline missions. The most visited place that is used by Kratos is Nidavellir Village which is full of resources.

In this guide, we will discuss how to find Nidavellir Artifacts in GoW Ragnarok and their locations.

How to Find Nidavellir Artifacts in GoW Ragnarok

This is basically the main storyline mission in which you have to visit the Nidavellir Village. You have to find resources like Lore, Artifacts, and other items. These items will use to upgrade your healing abilities and armor. There is a total of two Artifacts situated in different locations. That you have to find in this mission.

  • Kvasir’s Poems
  • Griep’s Firebomb

Kvasir’s Poems (1st Artifact Location)

When you first arrive at the Nidavellir Village after docking your boat. Go to the left side there you will see a wall blocking your way. You will ask Atreus to break the wall. He will break the wall with his Bow. Behind the wall, you will see a pink shining book. Take the book by interacting. That is the first artifact. You can access the book in your codex.

Kvasir’s Poems (1st Artifact Location)

Griep’s Firebomb (2nd Artifact Location)

After getting Odin’s raven which you have to find after the first artifact. You will see a place of a waterfall (cave) go-to place. After clearing the way you will see a fire follow the fire. You will see pink light. This time it is a Golden Brown Bomb (Griep’s Firebomb) for Things Left Behind. Take the Bomb.

Griep’s Firebomb (2nd Artifact Location)
Furthermore, you have to find Lore, Odin’s raven, and chests.
This is how you can find Artifacts in Nidavellir Village. We hope this guide will help you.

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