God of War Ragnarok – How to get All the Plains Lore

In God of War Ragnarok, Every major area has its lore situated in different locations which also give you the treasure map and resources. Which you can use later to upgrade the items in your inventory.

In this guide, we discuss how to find all the Plains Lore.

The Plain Lore:

There are a total of five lore’s in The Plain located in different places.

1. A Scar Born:

You will find this in the open little area on the water. Go on the boat you will see a treasure map interact with the map to start the A Scar Born Quest.

1st lore location

2. Seidr:

Go there by using the boat and go to the right of the stair. There you have to read the verse on the board. Go and interact with the board.

2nd lore location

3. Stupidity:

Go there dock your boat and climb the wall to the left side and use the Zipline to reach the second cliff. You will reach the area where small enemies will attack you generated by the poison pillars. Defeat the enemies and try to block the pillars so they can’t generate poison. You can use the frost attack to block the pillars. And interact with the board to get the lore.

3rd lore location

Β 4. Apology:

Go to the east area of the plains. You can reach there by following the trees on the corners of the cliff until you reach the gate blocked by the poison. Ask Freya to use the Arrow ability to draw a circle and then Blades of chaos to clear the path. Go forward and interact with the verse to the left side. Β 

4th lore location

5. The Lost Pages:

You will find this near the entrance of the Jungle (Gateway). Clear the river by using the Grappler and proceed. You need to open the gate to the left side. Use the chain to open the gate. Go inside the cave and use the spear to climb the wall. Go forward through the short path and reach the gate.

5th lore location

Open the gate to reach the Wishing well. Interact with the dear to the right side under the tree. Go to the left side and climb up the wall by using the grappler and enter the area to the left side. To the left side of the entrance, you will see a treasure map on the ground. Interact with the map to finish.

This is how you can find all the Lore’s of The Plains. We hope this guide will help you.

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