God of War Ragnarok – How to open the Lost Treasury

In God of War Ragnarok, you will have to solve many puzzles during the quests and main story. Which unlocks secret paths leading toward the main mission, chest, or treasures. Some puzzles are easy to solve but some puzzles take some time to solve once you understand the pattern.  

In this guide, we will discuss how to open The Lost Treasury.

How to open The Lost Treasury:

You have to get inside the lost treasury by solving the puzzle. Which you will find in Schatzkammer (Midgard) during the (Sigrun’s Curse Favor). You can start this Quest by finding the Derelict Outpost locations.

You will see a big shield blocking the path. First, use the grappler on the red of the shield to move the shield to the left. There you will see a pot you have to ignite the use Freya sigil arrow to draw the circles on the pot so you can make the way for the flame. Use the Blades of Chaos to ignite the pot.

Then you need to use the shield to climb the wall to the left side. Climb through the shield to reach the place where you will see small poisonous enemies. Defeat them and open the chest to receive the resources. There you will see the second pot on the pillar. Use the Freya sigil arrow and blade of chaos to ignite the pot.

There you will see a blockage on the way which you can destroy by using the Freya sigil arrow or you can go from the right of the shield to climb up and destroy the pot to open it. Then swipe the flat pillar to the left side and open the chest (optional).

Gate location

Then use your grappler to the red mark to swipe the shield to the right side. The broken part of the shield will come into the middle. Now you need to open the gate which you can do by using the wheel. Now you need to hold the gate so it will remain open. Which you can do by freezing two spots. One on the left side and one to the right. Use the frost ability to keep the gate open.

Opening the gate

There you will find the last pot on the right side of the chest. You can also open the golden chest there. Use your Leviathan axe on the chain to open the door for Freya and then ignite the pot. Now open the door by using the key and fight with the enemy. Once that is done enter inside and interact with the board to finish the quest.