God of War Ragnarok – How to Parry (Attack, Counter & Timing)

To parry in GoW Ragnarok simply press the block button, L1, shortly before an enemy attack lands.

God of War Ragnarok is a technical game in terms of fight and techniques. You have to learn the attacks and use of weapons to take advantage of the weapons and abilities. This will also help you to give full damage to the enemies.

In this guide, we will discuss how to Perry in God of War Ragnarok.

Tips about Parry and Stun in GOD Ragnarok

Stuns are the most powerful effect in the game as it keeps enemies mobilized. More importantly, keeps your combo chains going so you can do more damage. Now the most important thing we have to know is how to use the stuns and when to use the stuns. There are several ways you can stun.

First is parrying the enemies which are basically areas of effect. It can hit multiple enemies at the same time. It’s a very helpful attack.

Second is your Runic Attacks. You get the runic attack for both Leviathan axe and the weapon of chaos pretty early on in the game. You should have four runic attacks. One light and one heavy for each weapon as an additional stun but on cool down.

Tips about Parry and Stun  in GOD Ragnarok

Finally, the last way to stun enemies is the Dauntless Shield ability (Shield Bash). As this is the weapon that you get early in the game and this attack is very useful.

You can Parry by double tapping L1 to use the Shield Bash. Don’t be mistaken by the parry and Shield Bash as the same stun attack. For basic mobs use parry stun enemies for 3 secs and if you use the Shield Bash it will stun the enemies for 5 secs.

How to Parry in God of War Ragnarok

To use the parry depends on the enemy attack most importantly your reaction time. How are you going to respond to enemy attacks? Your parry will work most of the time with smaller enemies. Also on the main boss enemies but it depends on the attack that they are going to launch. There are multiple attacks that enemies can do.

Basic attacks that are easier to parry, dodge, or simply block. Yellow ring attacks which you can parry but can’t block fully so your timing is crucial.

How to Parry in God of War Ragnarok

Red Ring Attacks are unblockable so you need to dodge fast. You can’t even parry them.

Double blue ring attacks can’t be blocked but you can interrupt them again the timing is the key component here. Although you find it pretty forgiving on lower difficulties if you just double tap it along when you see the little rings.

Parry is remarkably simple by pressing L1 at the perfect time knocks enemies back and stuns them allowing Kratos to go to town on their Health Bars with the Leviathan Axe or Weapon of Chaos.

Those rings are there to help to be careful of the attacks and also help you with the timing of Parry.

This is how you can Parry and Stun enemies. We hope this guide will help you.

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