God of War Ragnarok -Secret of the Sands Walkthrough

Every location and area where you go in God of War Ragnarok has a pathway. Where you have to do side quests and favors. In the end, you will be rewarded with resources and materials. Which will help you to progress through the story. In this guide, we will discuss the Secret of the Sands Walkthrough.

Location for Secret of the Sands:

So the walkthrough begins in the Barrens and it’s really straight-forward. This starts with the cave given to you as you are exiting Alfheim.

location for cave

Secret of the Sands Walkthrough:

After you reach the location you will see the cave underground descend and go through the cave. Upon exiting you will discover the new region (The Below). Follow the path and deal with dark elves (a small flying enemy). You also have to solve the puzzle which blocks your path. After moving a little further you will see a single red light root blocking your way use the Leviathan Axe to clear the path.

Moving forward you will see the same puzzle but this time three of them are attached together. You have to break them together. Use the axe on the blue mark to destroy the puzzle. After the puzzle, you will see a chest. Open the chest and get the loot.

Looting Chests in Secret of the Sands

You will see an entrance to the cave in front of the chest. Go inside and solve the same puzzle by climbing on the wall to the right side. This will clear the vision to the chest. Then on the roof, you will see a pot attach to it. Use the axe to get the loot. Then from the same position, you will see a light lizard. Use the axe on the blue mark to kill and get the loot.

Then go and loot the red chest. Climb and get out of the cave. At the exit, you will see a zipline. Use the zipline to reach the chest and open it to get the materials. There you will see the puzzle again. You to clear the vision so you can use the axe on the purple mark to destroy them all. Go to the bottom and get a clear shot to destroy the puzzle.  At the bottom, you will see a gate. Open the gate which will make the path go forward.

Grapple to the next path

This path is a little bit trickier. As you have to use the grappler to reach the next gate. On each cliff, you will see a blue mark. On the blue mark, you can use the grappler to reach the next cliff. Moving forward after opening the gate you will see a chest there you have to solve the bell puzzle. Ring the bells three times and open the chest to get the loot.    

Solving Puzzle no. 1 in Secret of the Sands

After looting the chest go back to the top and enter the cave. Use the chain to go down and fight the elve. After that go outside the cave to the right side by crouching. You have to solve the puzzle again here. First, you will see a golden hurdle. Near the hurdle, you will see a fire pot use the axe to explode the pot which will destroy the hurdle.

The same one will be in front of the purple mark. Use the axe to destroy the hurdle and use the axe again on the mark to destroy the puzzle. Which will clear the way to the chest open the chest and get the loot.

Solving puzzle

Move forward and go to the bottom cave and solve the puzzle and which will make your path clear. Open the chest and take the loot. A little further you will see the same puzzle destroy the puzzle and open the next chest.

Solving Puzzle no. 2 in Secret of the Sands

Inside you will see a big open area where you have to destroy the puzzle again and move forward. The next path is broken which you can cross by using the grappler. Go and you will have to destroy the two puzzles in the same place.

After destroying you will see a big jellyfish. This puzzle blocks the path of the fish. Move forward and get the next red chest. At the front of the chest, you will see a wall climb the wall and go inside the cave and open The Barren’s legendary chest. Which will give you the Shoulder Strap of Radiance (Chest Armor)

Solve the puzzle and get outside. Use the buggy to reach the light to the left side in the open area. Hold X to use the X on the light to end the quest.

Quest Ending

This is how you can complete the Secret of the Sands walkthrough. I hope this guide will help you.