God of War Ragnarok – The Burning Skies Favor

In God of War Ragnarok, the forests of Vanaheim are the main realm where Kratos roams. There you will find fire-breathing dragons and you need to defeat them as it poses a serious threat.

there are multiple things to do to progress in the game like Boss hunting, treasure hunting, and quests. Which will give a lot of resources and unlock items.

In this guide, we will discuss The Burning Skies Quest (Dragon’s Lair Location).

How to start The Burning Skies

The quest will start in Vanaheim at this location on the map. You will see a circular path at the start. Follow the path between mountains. Use the Zip-Line to cross the path. You will see a bee hive use your axe to block by snow attack. Proceed further the place will shake (Natural Tremor). You will see an open space from where your (Quaking Hollow Quest) starts.

How to start The Burning Skies location

Find the Dragon’s Lair by Quaking Hollow Quest

Enter the cave and be careful of the poison flower. At the end of the cave, you need to break the wall because it blocked the cave. Use the spear to break the wall.

Clearing the cave you will see an open space with broken pillars. There you will see the dragon attacking and protecting the pillar. Use your Spear to distract the dragon you have to do this two times. There the Burning Skies Quest will start.

The Burning Skies Favor

You will see a big axle blocking the path. Use the chain to open the gate. Go back and enter the cave to the left of the light. This place is near the river. Use the grapple to cross and use the boat. Follow the river path and dock the boat until you see a blue small flag. Dock the boat to the left you will see a gate. You need to open the gate. Open the gate by using a chain.

Using chain to open gate

Go back and use the boat to follow the path until you reach the place in front of the cave. Open the gate and proceed further. You will see small enemies appearing from the left side of the wall by breaking the wall. After killing them you will see a wall and suddenly a dragon will roar. You need to break the wall with a spear and save yourself from the dragon. Proceed further by killing small enemies. Dragon will attack you from multiple sides in the cave. Hide and break the wall to change positions to save yourself. At the end of the cave Dragon will attack you by throwing flame which will throw you back. Use your spear to break the wall. So you can block the path of the dragon.

Enter Cave where the Dragon lair is

There is no straight way to pass the cave so you need to clear it by climbing on the walls. Climb the walls to get out of the cave. You will see a big blocking your path. You need to use the pillar to cross the wall. After crossing that wall you will finally meet Ash Tyrant Boss.

How to Defeat Ash Tyrant Boss

This is a dragon shape boss which will throw fire and can disappear. Also, wield current which can also give you damage. Also uses a smash attack while flying. You can easily Defeat this boss once you understand his attack pattern. Defeat this boss to complete the Quest.

How to Defeat Ash Tyrant

This is how you can complete this Quest. I hope this guide will help you.

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