How To Fix GOD Ragnarok Screen Tearing and Flickering on PS4/PS5

Easily fix screen tearing in God of War Ragnarok.

Screen tearing or flickering issues in God of War Ragnarok are not new that you should be worried about. Many previous PS5 games fell victim to this problem. The screen tearing issue usually pops up right after you play GOD Ragnarok for about 10 to 20 minutes on PS5.

This problem occurs when your monitor is out of sync with the game because Hz and resolution are mismatched. Thankfully there is a workable solution to fix GOD Ragnarok Screen Tearing on PS5/PS4.

Before applying the below fix we recommend you restart your console, power cycle your PS4/PS5 console, check for a Faulty HDMI Cable, or Update Games on your PS5.

What is God of War Ragnarok Screen Tearing and Flickering?

Your gaming experience will be drastically affected when the screen flickering screen issue pops up. After doing some research this issue might occur when your console and monitor are syncing HZ and resolution output.

In some cases, this issue may also lead to the PS5’s black screen. Other causes that may trigger these issues are faulty HDMI cables, misconfigured video transfer rate, outdated TV firmware, and PS5 software, or random glitch

How to Fix Screen Tearing in God of War Ragnarok

Apply the below fixes these fixes have helped us and for more details, you can also read comments on Reddit.

Fix 1. Play GOW Ragnarok in Quality Mode

Credits go to Reddit user u/WaaghMan who explained why this issue is appearing on PS5/PS4 and how to fix it.

According to him, the RoW Ragnarok screen tearing issue on PS5 occurs in Performance mode. In this mod VSync is off, so instead you can switch to Quality mode as it has VSync Turned On.

You can switch to the Quality mode by going into PS5 Settings > Video.

Fix 2. Enable 120 Hz Output

Still, if you don’t want to switch to Quality mod and persist on Performance mode then perform additional tweaks. As the GOS Ragnarok supports 120Hz so sync your PS5 with the same Hz.

Follow these steps:

  • Go to PS5 Settings > Screen and Video > Video Output.
  • Scroll down to find the Enable 120 Hz Output option.
  • Set it to Automatic and Restart PS5.
  • If this was already enabled then you can try turning this setting off and playing the game in Graphics mode to try the previous fix again.

Fix 3. Change your Resolution

Syncing the monitor’s resolution with the game can also fix the GOD Ragnarok Screen Tearing on PS5.

Perform these steps:

  • Go to Settings > Screen and Video > Video Output.
  • Change the Resolution and match it with your Monitor.
  • Restart your PlayStation.
  • The game shouldn’t give you any screen tearing or flickering issues now.

Fix 4. Adjust Screen and Video Settings on PS4/PS5

Another fix is to change the display resolution. All you need to do is to disable HDCP and HDR and change RGB settings.

Disable HDR:

  • Go to your PS4/PS5 Settings > Choose Screen and Video.
  • Select Video Output from the left pane.
  • Change the HDR option to Off.

Disable HDCP:

  • Go to your PS4/PS5 Settings > Go to System.
  • Choose HDMI from the left pane.
  • Turn Off the Enable HDCP option.

Change RGB Settings:

  • Go to the Settings menu from the PS4/PS5 Home screen.
  • Head over to Screen and Video > Select Video Output.
  • Select the RGB Range option at the bottom.
  • Now, select Limited or Full.

Change Screen Resolution:

  • Go to Settings on the console > Select Screen and Video.
  • Select Video Output from the left pane.

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