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Google Pixel Wi-Fi Connectivity Issue: Pixel Won’t Connect To Wi-Fi Network Or Other Connectivity

Google Pixel Wi-Fi Connectivity Issue Pixel Won't Connect To Wi-Fi Network Or Other Connectivity

Google Pixel users complained about the Wifi Connectivity issue. They reported that Pixel Won’t Connect to a Wifi Network or other connectivity. There could be various reasons that can cause this issue like a technical problem with the Wi-fi (from Network Tower or Router), software, application, or internal bug in the mobile phone itself.

Hardware issues with the phone router or Wi-fi cable and outgoing service being temporarily disabled from the Wi-fi service providers are also general causes of Pixel won’t connect to WiFi

If you also encountered the same issue and want a quick solution to mitigate this problem then apply the below-mentioned best fixes to enjoy your Google Pixel without any Wifi connectivity issues.

How to Fix Google Pixel Wi-Fi Connectivity Issue?

First of all, you don’t need to try all the below-given fixes. Just work down in your way and found the best fix that suits you.

Fix 1. Power cycle all your Wi-Fi devices

Wi-fi connectivity issues rely on your types of equipment which includes Router, Modem, and Ethernet cables. A simple power cycle can able to fix this issue. Here’s how you can:

If it does not work then connect with your Network service provider, they will resolve the issue from their end and will help you in fixing the device issue.

Fix 2. Turn your Wi-Fi off and on

It is also an applicable fix to mitigate Wi-Fi connectivity issues. You just need to turn your wifi off and on then reboot your phone will help to fix this issue.

Fix 3. Change your mobile network settings to forget Wi-fi

Changing your mobile network settings to forget Wi-Fi can help you to fix your issue. The forget settings remove all your saved networks, passwords, and all network configuration from the mobile. This fix also clears all the glitches working in the background. Here’s how you can do this:

Now for adding the Wi-Fi network to your Mobile again, follow the below steps

Fix 4. Try connecting your Google Pixel in safe mode

Some apps might cause problems. For this, you need to try to boost your phone in a safe mood and try to connect your phone to Wi-Fi again.

Here’s how you boot your Pixel in Safe mode:

Fix 7. Connect to other Wi-Fi network

This is not the solution but it will give us an idea of where the problems exist. If the phone is connected to other networks the issue is with your Wi-Fi network.

When you get to know that problem is at your end then call your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and have the tech check your connection.

Fix 6. Reset your Google Pixel

If all the above fixes do not work, then reset your google pixel. This may wipe out all your data from your phone, but make sure before resetting, backup all the data of your google pixel. Here’s how you can apply this fix

Once done, restart your phone again, set up your device, set up all the Network settings, and reconnect to your Wi-Fi.

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