How To Fix GPU Fans Not Spinning on Startup After Boot 2024

It's the GPU fan's job to run to prevent overheating. If the GPU fan of your graphics card isn't spinning. Here's a solution.

Is your GPU fan not spinning on startup? Your graphics card’s fans are essential for keeping your GPU cool, which is crucial for top-notch PC performance.

It’s important to note that GPU fans are designed not to spin until a specific temperature is reached. If you’ve just built a new PC and are facing a GPU fan spinning issue, you’re in the right place.

In this article, we’ll explore common reasons behind your GPU fan not spinning and how to fix it.”

Key Takeaways For Fixing GPU Fans Not Spinning on Startup

To address GPU fan issues, follow these steps:

  • Test the GPU under a heavy workload to check if the fans are spinning. If they aren’t, it may indicate a problem that requires further investigation.
  • Reseat the GPU and inspect the cables to ensure they are correctly connected. Refer to the motherboard and GPU manuals for guidance.
  • Clean any dust from the GPU to prevent buildup that might hinder the fan’s operation.
  • Keep the GPU drivers up to date to resolve potential software glitches that could be causing the problem.
  • Adjust the fan curve settings to ensure the fans spin at the desired temperature threshold.
  • Try the GPU in another system to determine if the issue is with the GPU or other components in your current setup.
  • If all else fails, and the GPU is still under warranty, consider returning it to the manufacturer for repairs or a replacement.

Common Causes Why GPU Fan isn’t Spinning

The first thing to know before you apply any fixes to solve the GPU fan not running problem.

  • If the PC is idle or performing non-GPU-intensive tasks, the GPU fans will not run. The idea behind this is to cut down on noise pollution and to run fans only to keep the safe GPU temperature range.
  • The GPU fans stop running when the power connector linking to the PSU isn’t connected or pins are not pushed into the card.
  • If the GPU is not correctly sitting in the PCI-E slot on the motherboard you are likely to face a graphics card fan not spinning problem.
  • Insufficient wattage supply from PSU is another cause. Try to invest in a more powerful power supply unit.
  • Check the overall connection that may get loose on the motherboard. Make sure that all cables are Plugged in and Seated correctly.

Tip – Older GPU fans usually stop working due to dust and debris on the blades. The use of compressed air can solve this problem.

How To Fix GPU Fans Not Spinning on Startup After Boot

1. Update GPU Drivers

Fix Video Card fans not spinning

If you have checked the cables and everything is OK, still GPU fans won’t turn on. then you should start with updating graphics card drivers.

Even if you have updated GPU drivers recently still it’s recommended to delete and reinstall once more to fix any bug.

NVIDIA users can download GeForce Experience while AMD users can download Radeon Software to update their GPU drivers.

2. Replace/Upgrade Power Supply Unit

The GPU fans may not be working because your current PSU underpowers the GPU. To apply this fix buy a power supply unit and mount a GPU on it to check if the fan starts spinning.

If it turns on then there’s a problem with your current PSU.

3. Install GPU on a Different Motherboard or Change PCIe Lane

It’s not always the faulty GPU fan that prevents blades from running. A broken motherboard or buggy PCIe slot can also be a problem.

Install GPU on a different PCIe lane and then on a different motherboard. If the GPU fans stop spinning problem is resolved then your motherboard is bad. You need to buy a new motherboard.

4. Boot Up Your PC Without GPU

Running your computer without the graphics cards installed on it can give you a hint if there’s a problem with your motherboard.

So you need to remove the GPU and turn on the PC and if it boots up just fine. It means that your motherboard is not at fault.

Furthermore, try running a stress test in such a situation to see if any problem pops up or not. If everything is fine then it is possibly your PCIe Slot or PSU at fault.

5. Replace GPU Fans

Fixed Graphics Card Fans not Spinning

If you have gone through all the above steps and the GPU fans still not spinning then you need to replace them GPU fans. The Noctua, Cooler Master, and Corsair are the best brands that offer decent GPU fans at affordable prices.

How To Check If GPU Fan is Faulty?

If you have realized that your GPU fan not spinning then you need to check if there’s any fault.

Install and run a GPU Benchmark software on your system. This tool will put a lot of stress on your GPU. While your GPU is under load also download fan control software to increase GPU fan speed. One of the best tools is the MSI Afterburner install it and Change the GPU fan speed manually.

If the GPU fan doesn’t spin while the benchmarking software runs a stress test. Even though manually changing fans peed doesn’t affect GPU fan spinning.

Then your GPU fans are faulty. To fix them first check the common causes explained above and fix them or buy the new GPU fan.

What Might be the Cause of a Black Screen Right After you Install a New Graphic Card?

If you have recently installed a new GPU or updated its driver and when you boot up the PC you may see a black screen. It’s usually due to the following reasons;

  • No graphics card is detected.
  • The onboard GPU is not disabled in BIOS.
  • You have installed the graphics card in the wrong slot.
  • The graphics card has insufficient RAM.

Solution: Black Screen Appears After Installing a New GPU

Here are the steps to fix the no display with the graphics card plugged-in problem.

  1. Turn off the computer and unplug the power cable.
  2. Remove GPU.
  3. Plug the monitor into your video output.
  4. Turn on the computer.
  5. Click on start type msconfig within the Boot tab and click on the box that says Safe boot with minimal selected.
  6. Apply then click OK.
  7. Do not Restart your PC yet.
  8. Shut Down the computer and unplug it it.
  9. Install Graphics card.
  10. Turn on the computer and it will boot into safe mode.
  11. Go into Device Manager.
  12. Expand Display Adapter.
  13. Disable the Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000 driver. (Do Not Uninstall)
  14. Click the start button and type msconfig.
  15. Unclick Safe boot.
  16. Restart.

Your PC will run without showing a black screen. Just make sure that you haven’t installed two GPU drivers.

How To Fix the PSU Fan Not Spinning Problem

Is your power supply fan not spinning at all or even when you have played high-definition video? Most PSUs don’t run the fan if the internal PSU temperature is low.

If your overall CPU temps are fine, then you are in a safe zone. The PSU fan only turns on for a second when you boot up or shut down the PC. The PSU fan will only turn on when enough power is used and it needs some cooling.

The fact that the PSU fans spin when you power on PC, shows that the motor is working fine. Also, it isn’t drawing enough of a load to necessitate the usage of the fan during operation.

Is it Bad to Run Your GPU Fan at 100 All the Time?

Running GPU at full speed is good for GPU to perform at optimum level. However, at 100% GPU fan RPM, the bearing will soon wear out as all fans do.

So it’s wise to download fan control software that lets users set custom fan curves. This way GPU fan speed will increase according to internal heat.

Fix: EVGA GTX 960 Fans Not Spinning

GTX 960 is an ACX Cooling card, so it won’t turn on until the GPU temperature reaches 60C. Once the temperature goes idle the fan turns off itself.

To fix this problem first make sure that the fan spins after you boot up your PC.

However, you can fix this problem by downloading MSI Afterburner software. These tools override the fan control resultantly the fan will start spinning.