High on Life: How to Defeat Krubis

In High on Life, you will visit different areas where you have to find items and you will also face the boss at the end of the bounty where you will have to defeat the boss. You also need to defeat the boss in order to finish the bounty and further progress in the game.

In this guide, we will discuss how to Defeat Krubis in Half on Life.

How to find Krubis:

You need to find the Warp discs which you will find in Sacred Grounds after killing some enemies. You will also get the disc from the prince for that you will teleport the prince and talks to him. He will give you a disk and talk to his companions. Now get back to mansion and talk to the Krubis Friend. After that get the Krubis Warp Disk from the machined inside the mansion. Then Kenny will ask you to change the mansion with the Krubis Base by using the Warp Remote. After changing the mansion you will see the Krubis.

Krubis Location

How to Defeat Krubis:

When you meet him the floor will be broken and you will fall down where your fight with the Krubis begins. First of all, Krubis will use the shotgun and also change his position quickly. At the beginning of the fight, he will use a shotgun and he will also use the drill through the floor to hide. After using the drill he will hide in the transparent room where you can’t shoot him. He will stay there for some time and then he will come out to fight again. When he comes outside use poison shots to knock him down after that you can give him a lot of damage. He will also use the pink bomb which he will use to attack you. You can dodge this attack very easily. Along with Fighting Krubis, you also have to fight with goons which will appear after he hides himself in the room.

Krubis Attack

 After depleting half of his HP you will see multiple lasers drawn in that area. Through that laser, he will smash himself into the ground very quickly. So you need to be careful and stay out of that area to save yourself. There are also some flies in that area you can use the grapple to save yourself from the attacks. When you try to attack him for multiple times he will quickly smash the ground and disappear. After some time he will fall down on the ground and he will die. You will use the Knifey to take the Krubis DNA.

Taking Krubis DNA sample

This is how you can defeat Krubis. I hope this guide will help you.

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