Harvestella – How to do crafting

Harvestella has many activities that you can perform like farming, cooking, and fishing. Crafting is one of them. Crafting plays a huge role in Harvestella. Crafting lets you craft items which will help you better the world like farming, fighting, and other stuff.

In this guide, we will discuss Crafting in Harvestella.


Apart from doing side quests and other activities you can do Crafting in your home. Crafting lets you combine some materials and make something like a hammer and sword. For that, you have to gather some material for the specific thing that you want to build. But you have to unlock the crafting table first.

How to unlock the crafting table:

After the farming tutorial, you are talking with the Cres. The Mayor will appear he will take you home and show you the crafting table and also give you the return bell recipe.

How to craft

You can craft items and weapons at your crafting table. The crafting table is located in your home. For every Item to craft, there is a specific material that you need to find and get together. Crafting items also take time depending on the item that you are crafting.

If you want to craft the return bell it will require you to get (Three Monolite Fragments). It will also show the time required to craft the item which is (20 minutes). The working of the Return Bell is it will take you back to Bird’s Eye Brae (You can use it for one time only. If you want to use it again you have to craft Return Bell Again). After getting all the materials required approach the table in your home and craft the Return Bell. As you progress more in-game you will see a lot of recipes available to craft.

These are some items that you can craft in Harvestella. Each item requires specific materials to craft.

  • Flour Mill
  • Return Bell
  • Hammer
  • Repair Kit
  • Feed Market
  • Jam Market
  • Sprinkler

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