Harvestella – How to do fishing

Harvestella is a Role-Play game where you have to do stuff related to farming and other stuff related to crafting. In this guide, I will talk about fishing in Harvestella.

How to unlock Fishing

Like other games in this genre, not all the things are already unlocked. You have to unlock them in order to use them. In this case, we need to unlock the fishing. First, you need to find the Fishing Book which is the fishing knowledge.


Now you are wondering where you can find the location of the book. You can buy the book in the general store in Harvestella. Go to the location that I marked on the map. It’s the warehouse on the corner of the map. Go there and buy the Book. It will cost around 800 Grilla (Which is the in-game currency).

How to get 800 Grilla

You will get to unlock the Book on the third day of the game. But first, don’t sell anything on the first day because you are not gonna get any money on the first day. It’s just a waste. Just keep as many items in your inventory on the first day. On the second day, some of the crops should be ready, and then sell everything together.

Fishing Location

After all that you have unlocked fishing. This is unlike other games where you can go fishing anywhere. You have to look at the map for the fishing locations. When you look at the map you will see Fish Icon those are the spots where you can go fishing.

How to do fishing

Fishing is very simple in Harvestella all you have to do is to run up to the place where you can fish. Push the button and press the key bind that you have selected (A). Your character will throw a stick into the water and then wait. Sometimes the fish is caught easily but sometimes you have to wait a bit longer. You will see a water splash means you have caught the fish. Press the Button again to take the fish.

This is how you can fish in Harvestella. I hope this guide will help you.

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