Hello Neighbor 2: How to find All Day 1 Keys

Hello, Neighbor 2 is a newly released game in which you have to find items and unlock the location to get the secret items. You have to solve many puzzles to unveil the secret of the neighbors. They are situated in different locations and you have to find them in order to progress in the game.

In this guide, we will discuss how to find all Day 1 Keys in Hello Neighbor 2.

You need to find the four-door keys.

How to get Key 1 (Wooden Cubes):

You need to find the code on the wooden cubes in the house. Enter the house and you will find the first code in the left room where you will see the cube code (8) within the locker. The next code (1) you will be able to find in the same room with the sofa. For the next one, you have to go to the washroom where you will find the code (9) in the toilet. The Next code you will find in the kitchen is where you have to open the refrigerator. Interact with the plate to reveal the code. Go back and open the locker to get the key.

Key Locker

How to get Key 2 (Doll Puzzle):

For this puzzle, you have to find three dolls to solve. Go from the back side of the house and enter the room and you will able to find the key to the left side of the next door behind a wood. Use the crowbar and get the doll. For the next one, you need to get up on the cupboard and you will see the doll behind the painting. For the next one, you need to open the secret room. Enter the house and you will see a room to the left side. Enter the code NOT to open the door and get the doll from the right side of the table. Go back to the room and put the dolls on the house to get the key.

Doll house

How to get Key 3 (Neighbor Photo):

In this puzzle, you need to find the parts of the photo in the house. Go to the upper portion of the house. Use the stairs and cut the ribbon. In front of the stair, you will see a painting behind the painting you will find a radio. Go to the left room and cut the ribbon in front of the cupboard and get the picture part. Take to the photo to the frame. The next one you will find at the end of the hall where you will see a wooden box with a lamp. For this, you need to open the cupboard by putting the weight on the blue mark. You will find the eight on the cupboard in the room where you first get the picture part. Get the weight and take it to the last room to open the cupboard and get the photo part. For the last photo part, you need to cut the pillow and get the picture. After putting all the photos in the frame you see a box that will open to the right side get the key from the box.

Neighboue Picture

How to get Key 4 (Car Puzzle):

You need to find a battery and use it in the RC car to get the key. First, you need to get the handle from the green box and use that handle on the wall to open the secret room. Get the battery and take it to the last room where you get the photo part from the pillow. Use the battery to control the RC car. Which will bring the key.

RC car

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