Hello Neighbor 2: How to find Stuffed Bear Head Location

In Hello Neighbor you have to explore the secrets of the neighbor in different locations. Every location and place has its own items and puzzles that you have to find and solve to complete. You need to solve all the puzzles to complete the stage.

In this guide, we will discuss how to find Stuffed Bear Head in Hello Neighbor.

You need to solve the book puzzle to get the Bear Head.

Bookshelf Puzzle:

You need to solve the bookshelf puzzle in order to get the Bear head. You can get it at night 4 in Hello Neighbor 2.

How to get The Book:

Get inside the building and go upstairs toward the candlelight room. But first, you must need a key to unlock the room. After that go inside the room and open the book.


How to get Antenna:

Get outside and go to the left room and open the room by using the wrench. Get inside and get the book from the Toilet Seat. Take the book and go to the candlelight room and place it on the bookshelf. Get outside and go toward the balcony and climb up from the left side and open the box and get the antenna part.


How to set TV Channels:

One thing you must care about is the neighbor man. He is sleeping so you need to stay silent and stay undetected. Take the antenna and go outside the house. Use the stairs to climb up and reach the top of the house. Select the Antenna and attach it to the small tower. Use the button to select the direction of the antenna to upwards. Go back inside the room and use the TV near the balcony. Scroll the channels and wait until all the pictures of the channels get stable.

setting tv channel

How to get Bear Head:

After that go back to the candlelight room and use the book switch on the bookshelf. First, turn on the first two to the right side and the left one. This will make the bear head appear. Interact and Take the Bear Head. Go outside the room and place it on the statue outside the room.

Missing Bear head

This is how you can solve the Stuffed Bear Head puzzle. We hope this guide will help you.

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