Hello Neighbor 2: How to find Tree House and Solve the Tree House Puzzle

Hello Neighbor 2 is all about solving puzzles to reveal secrets and escape from places. But there is only one place that players look forward to finding that is Tree House. You can easily find this location and once you do you have to solve the puzzle in Tree House. Β 

In this guide, we will discuss how to find Tree House and Solve the Puzzle in Hello Neighbor 2.

How to Find Tree House Location in Hello Neighbor 2

You will find the tree house after going across the main house in Hello Neighbor 2. But you need to approach there. You will see a greenhouse near the tree. Go behind the house and you will see a trampoline. Jump on the trampoline multiple times and climb up on the house. From there go to the corner of the house and jump to reach the Tree House.

How to Find Tree House Location in Hello Neighbor 2

How to Solve the Tree House Puzzle in Hello Neighbor 2

After reaching the tree House you need to solve the puzzle to get the Scissors. You will see a wooden robot on the right side of the door. You need to find the sword first and then align the bot according to the picture.

Go toward the windows and use the switch to open the window. Near the windows, you will see the picture interact with the picture to move the picture aside. This will reveal the sword take the sword and attach it to the wooden robot. Align the sword upward by interacting and then the shield downward.

This will align the robot according to the drawing. This will take two to three interactions. After aligning the robot get the handle from the robot box. Take the handle toward the table and place it on the switch.

Interact with the switch to move the car. The car will bring the scissor toward you. Take the scissor. You will utilize the scissor in many puzzle-solving moments like cutting the pillow and clothes to reveal the secret items. Just select the scissor from the inventory and use it.

 tree House you need to solve the puzzle to get the Scissors

This is how you can find the tree house and solve the puzzle. We hope this guide will help you.

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