Hello Neighbor 2: How to solve Ship Steering Wheel Puzzle

Hello, Neighbor 2 is all about exploring new locations and finding the secrets. For that, you have to solve the puzzles. In all that puzzles you have to find different items situated in different locations. During the game progress, you also have to solve the Ship Steering Wheel Puzzle.

In this guide, we will discuss how to solve the Ship Steering Wheel puzzle in Hello Neighbor 2.

How to solve Ship Wheel Puzzle:

In this puzzle, you have to find the prizes in the villa situated in different locations.

How to get First Prize:

For the first prize first, you need to find the fire extinguisher which you will be able to find in the kitchen beside the sofa. Open the firebox and get the fire extinguisher. Go to the balcony and use the fire extinguisher on the grill to extinguish the fire. Take the stake and go to the lawn. Feed the stake to the dog. Then take the shovel nearby the statute and use the shovel to dig near the mud.

Get the stick and go near the statute. Interact with the statue which will put the stick to the right hand of the statue. This will open the box and reveal the prize. Take the prize and take it to the wheel and put it there. You will find the wheel on the ground floor. Follow the blue carpet to the left side.


How to get Second Prize:

For the second prize, you need to go back to the carpet area. There you will see a cupboard climb up and jump on the wooden structure. Go inside the secret room to the right side. You will see a switchboard on the right side. Use the crowbar to break the wood and open the switch to get the fuse. This will open the box in the room near the balcony. Go and take the prize.

box near balcony room

How to get Third Prize:

For this prize first, you need the break the frame which you will find near the stairs. Break the frame and get the gramophone music disc. Then you need to play the piano in this manner. Press the yellow button then red then green and at last blue. This will open the gate to the gramophone music player room. Go to the Gramophone and put the disk to play the music. Playing the music will open the path to the prize which you will get by climbing up the attic. Get the prize and put it on the front of the wheel.


How to get Last two Prizes:

You will find these two prizes together. Get the fuse from the secret room and go to the ground floor bedroom. Jump multiple times on the bed and climb up and get the prize and then put the fuse in the switch which will reveal the safe. Open the safe by entering the code (8691) and get the prize. Take the prize to the wheel.


By putting all the prizes in front of the wheel it will unlock the wheel frame door. Take the wheel to the ground floor bedroom. Use the wheel which will open the secret room there. Get inside the room and take the key.

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