Hello Neighbor 2 – How to Solve Stuffed Boar Head, Fish Head, and Bear Head Puzzles

In Hello Neighbor 2 most of the time players have to solve the puzzles so they can explore each and everything about the place and progress in the game. Puzzles are of different types like you have to unlock the locations by finding the door keys and items. You also have to find the stuffed heads of different animals. For that, you have to unlock the secret room and place the things in a specific manner so they can reveal the location.

In this guide, we will discuss how to find stuffed heads of Boar, Fish, and, bear in Hello Neighbor 2.

Stuffed Boar Head:

You will be able to get this at Night 2 after solving the House Market Puzzle. You need to unlock the garage to find the Boar Head. Get inside the museum and go to the right side. If you go quickly there by running it will make a noise and the Neighbor will chase you but you can hide in the cupboard. Otherwise, stay silent and proceed to the garage.

Open the door by breaking the wooden covering the garage door. Each movement will make a sound so it’s better to stay hidden. Get Inside the garage and get the car door handle from the box placed near the car. Open the car gate with that. Turn on the switch to open the car’s backdoor. You will see the Boar Head there. Get the Boar Head and take it to the statue area and place it on the Boar Statue.

Stuffed boar head

Stuffed Fish Head:

This is the easiest one to get. You can also get it at Night 2 after solving the House Market Puzzle. Enter the museum and go to the right side there you will see a small map with a small house on it. From there you need to go to the left side and you will see a fish head in between the clothes. Take the Fish Head and go upstairs and put it on the fish statue.

stuffed fish head

Stuffed Bear Head:

For this, you need to solve the Bookshelf puzzle which we have solved in a detailed guide. You have to arrange the books in a specific manner to get the Bear Head in the candlelight room upstairs. Take the head and put it on the statue. Β 

stuffed bear head

This is how you can find all the Stuffed Heads. We hope this guide will help you.

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