High on Life: How to Defeat 9-Torg Boss

In High on Life, you will also face bosses and you have to defeat them. In the game, you will have to go through many bounties where you will face hurdles where you have to kill enemies. You will also receive some items and new weapons. You also have to fight with the enemy boss. You must have to kill the bosses to complete the bounty.

In this guide, we will discuss how to defeat the 9-Torg Boss in High on Life.

9-Torg Boss Location:

You will ask to go to the slums by the Gene where you have to explore the area. He will ask you to get the knife. After entering the slums you will ask a person about the way to 9-Torg. Following the path, you will find the knife. After taking the knife you will move forward where you will meet the boss after accessing the big door to the Sludge Works.

9-torg location

How to defeat the 9-Torg Boss:

 You will see that 9-Torg hangs the 5-Torg and she was about to kill her when you press the button to open the door. After that, your fight will begin with the boss. She will instantly attack you. First, she will attack with the gun which will shoot three laser bullets. She will also quickly moves left or right. You will see multiple wooden boxes you can save yourself by hiding behind the boxes. Shoot her multiple times and this will knock her after some time.

She will instantly jump in the poison and then she will attack you from the water. She will jump and shoot the green laser and swing the laser around. You will save yourself by jumping through the attack. She will appear from multiple locations so you need to be careful. If you stay behind the box you can’t save yourself from the attack because it will destroy the box and also hurts you.

9-torg boss fight

After some attacks, she will increase the level of Sludge which is the poison water. You can save yourself by using the knife Tether ability which works like a grappler. Use this ability on the flies until the poison level slows down. After some attacks and giving her the damage, she will use the poison bomb. She will shoot the bomb toward you. You can dodge the attack by going left or right. You can also jump to save yourself. After some time she will appear from the water and destroy the structure.

Make sure to switch your position to save yourself from the attack. She will increase the poison level again after depleting her Hp. At the end, she will use the big pink laser attack in which she will swing the laser around multiple times. Hang on the flies to save yourself from the attack. After some attack, she will die.  

Defeating 9-torg