High on Life: How to Defeat Douglas

High on Life has multiple stages means you have to visit different areas and clear the bounty. Each bounty has different tasks and items. In some bounties, you have to get the item but in some bounties, you have to solve the puzzle. But each bounty has a boss that you must have to defeat in order to complete the bounty. You will face many bosses like you have to Defeat Douglas.  

In this guide, we will discuss how to defeat Douglas in High on Life.

Location (3rd Pipe Puzzle):

After solving the second pipe puzzle moving forward you will meet Dr. Joopy for the final time and he will ask you to help him for the final time. There you need to solve the third pipe puzzle. This is the big one you have to see the exiting path and align the pipes toward the exit. If you want to see that you are solving the puzzle right check the green light on the pipes. The light will appear when you align the blue in the right pattern. Solve the right ones and then the left when to activate the path.

Solving Final Puzzle

The Real Douglas Boss:

After making the path for Dr. Joopy he won’t say anything. You will see the Dr. will start laughing because he made you fool to think that he is a doctor. He just wants to solve the puzzle from us. You will amaze to know that Dr. Joopy was the real Dr. Joopy. He was just making us the fool all this time. Go to the right side and enter the building to face the doctor. You will see him dressed up when the fight will begin.

Douglas Getting Suited Up

How to Defeat the Douglas:

He will quickly shoot the laser bullets multiple time which are fast and won’t give you enough time to save. So when you see him start shooting try to make the distance to save yourself. When you see him get close use the shotgun and for long-distance use the Kenny which is the pistol weapon. He will also climb the pillar and switch his position from one pillar to another pillar very quickly. You also have to fight his goons they will also use their gun to attack you. The goons will appear multiple times during the fight. You will also see during the fight floor will become electric.

Douglas Attack

A pink Electric shock will appear from the floor from multiple portions. You need to stay from those areas to save yourself. At the end of the fight, the current will come from more areas and its impact will also increase. Douglas will also through a circular red trap on the ground upon getting hit it will give you damage you need to look out for the traps and don’t get caught in the trap. When the fight comes to end he will use his guns more rapidly. After depleting his full HP he will fall down and die. Get the DNA sample from his body after he dies.

Douglas Dead Body

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