High on Life: How to Defeat Dr. Giblets

After getting the coordinates about Dr. Giblets you will reach the Zephyr where you will use some detective work and find Dr. Giblets. There you have to defeat him.  

In this guide, we will discuss How to Defeat Dr. Giblets in High on Life.

How to find Dr. Giblets:

You need to find Dr. Giblets on Zephyr planet. You need to place the bounty and you will reach the Zephyr planet. Scan the area and reach the bridge where you will see a Warp Base appear. Kill the enemies and move forward. Moving forward you will see multiple obstacles which you need to clear. After clearing the obstacles move to the left side where you will enter the cave (Furgle Warren). Move through the cave and reach the lower River Canyon where you will see a Warp base you need to defeat the enemies and receive the crystal from the base.

After getting the crystal to move forward straight you will reach the Moplet Village. There you will more enemies it will take some time to defeat them after killing them follow the path you will see an obstacles you can jump on the wall to walk on the wall and clear the path. After clearing the river you will enter the Deep Jungle. There you will meet a Moplet chopped in half by the Warp base.

dead moplet

The Moplet was slowly dying and he will ask you stay there because he wants to stay someone near him while he is dying.

Scan Dr. Giblets Base:

After he died move forward you will reach a lab. Now you will call him but you need to use your detective work there. Scan the area and you will detect some corpse pieces that you need to scan. First, go to the feet and scan the feet, and after that scan the drone parts. At last scan the work desk. The bot will tell you that someone attacks Dr. Giblets and his goons while working. After that, you need to scan more to get the clues. After clearing the door you will reach Dr. Giblets’ lab where you will have to scan the area.

First, scan the head of the alien and then scan the living experiment area. At the last scan, the drone heads to the right side of the wall. After the second scan bot will tell you that Dr. was experimenting with his own henchmen. After entering the next area you will scan the trophies and writing board and at last, you will scan the Gatlian. He was using the Gatlian on his man. The final result of the scan is that Dr. giblets was paranoid that someone was after him so he killed his own men.

scan base

How to Defeat the Doctor Giblets:

After scanning the area you will reach a point where you will see the Doctor was working by standing on the chair. When you interrupt him he will fall and die. The reason is that he wears a suit the suit will break and he died because of coughing. After he died take a blood sample.

fight dr. giblets

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