High on Life: How to Defeat Garmantuous

You have to defeat Garmantuous in High on Life to end the G3 cartel. As he is one of the final notorious ganglords so killing him isn’t an easy task. Garmantuous is responsible for the mass genocide and enslavement of countless species. The bounty is 10000 Pesos and you need to unlock Nipulon’s Bounty Contract

By the time you face Garmantuous in High on Life, you have a full arsenal of weapons including a powerful Lezduit. Sweezy, and creature weapon. Still, you need to be very careful and figure out how to beat Garmantuous in High on Life

In this guide, we have explained the strategy on how to defeat Garmantuous in High on Life.

Tip: You should purchase upgrades to begin the final contract.

How to find Garmantuous in High On Life

Jene will give you Lezduit and a bomb to kill Garmantuous and then you will be warped back to Earth to confront the G3 invaders. Once you are on the earth fight your way through the ruins of your neighborhood. Kill any G3 soldiers that can find using the Lezduit.

While reaching the Garmantuous location Listen to Suit-O’s Goodbye Message to unlock Series Wrap on Suit-O achievement.

How to Beat Garmantuous in High on Life

Once you reach the makeshift arena you will face Garmantuous in a small hovercraft flying. This high-on-life boss has two phases but he is easily beatable if you use a different gun to trigger the bomb.

Following strategy is going to come in handy to defeat Garmantuous

  • In the first round, using the Jetpack, you need to evade Garmantuous energy balls.
  • Freeze Garmantuous by firing Sweezy’s Trick Hole.
  • Frequently use Lezduit to deal heavy damage while not needing to focus on accuracy
  • In the second round, try to avoid his sludge puddles and waves by using the jetpack
How to Beat Garmantuous in High on Life

Tips To Defeat Garmantuous in High On Life

At the start of the fight, you will see Garmantuous on the hovercraft. He will start firing balls of energy in various patterns and directions. So doge these attacks. Use Sweezy’s Trick Hole to slow him down and get some shots in

Use the Lezduit weapon as it has a long range with high damage. So Lezduit will be the best option to give him damage. After depleting his full HP he will fall down and you need to shove the bomb inside him. But when you try to detonate the bomb the remote won’t work and Garmantuous will wake up.

Tips To Defeat Garmantuous in High On Life

The second phase of the Garmantuous fight is similar to the High on Life Skrendel Bros boss fight. He will smash his body on the ground which will create circular poison around the area you can jump to save yourself. He will also shoot multiple current balls which will cover almost the area around him.

Just try to use the Creature children ability and when he stuns use the Lezduit weapon to give him damage. Because this attack won’t give you much time to save yourself. So, it’s better to give him as much damage as you can. You can also pick the health from the ground. After some time he will fall down again and Kenny will ask you to shove him inside the Garmantuous. Because the remote is not working and he will detonate the bomb manually.

second phase

After he detonates the bomb Garmantuous will die and will Kenny is also died but he will survive in the end.

Unlockable Achievements After you Defeat Garmantuous

AchievementHow to UnlockGamer Score
Lezduit!Obtain Lezduit.20
Series Wrap on Suit-OSay goodbye to Suit-O.20
Legendary Bounty HunterDefeat Garmantuous and take down the G3 cartel.60
Playing FavoriteSacrifice a Gatlin other than Kenny during the fight against Garmantuous.45