High on Life: How to Defeat Nipulon

You will reach the Old town where you need to gooped and after that, you will get to the entrance where you will find the Nipulon. You need to kill him to get the Earth Coordinates from his computer.

In this guide, we will discuss how to defeat Nipulon in High on Life.

How to find Nipulon:

After you hear about your sister being kidnapped by the Tweeze. You run to save her but tweeze takes her on the ship. You quickly go back to your home and use the portal to bring her back. Then you use the portal to reach Port Terrene because you got the Intel that he is in his Drug Lounge. After using the Portal you will reach Port Terrene.

You need to go to the old town. After entering the old town you will meet the Goop salesman. The Goopman will ask you he can’t goop further people because he didn’t have the medicine. For the medicine, you need to meet with three brothers and they will build a bridge that will get you to the flower.


Head to the west side of the old town:

After talking to the goop man go to the saloon and settle the things between the guns. After that head toward the west where you will see three brothers. They will ask that they need to listen that their father loves them. GO back to the saloon and ask the people about the Papa Mackincheese. They won’t tell you until he will talk himself and ask you to fight one on one with one of his goons.

He will ask you to shoot on the word but when you kill his goons he will order his other goons to kill us. There you need to kill some enemies and talk to three brothers again and tell them the situation. They will become happy which will create a rainbow bridge. Cross the bridge and get the flower. Take the flower and talk to the goop man. He will Gooped you in return. After getting Gooped go back to the Nipulon’s lounge. Then you will get the entrance to the lounge.


In the lounge, you will meet your guidelines in the lounge which will tell you the situation. He will lead you to the room where an alien tries to eat a human and you will kill him. This will alert security and you need to kill them. After defeating the enemies you will reach the place where the receptionist told you to wait for the Nipulon. After waiting for some time he will call you in where your fight begins.


How to Defeat Nipulon:

You will fight with Nipulon in his office. He will use the laser gun to attack and he will shoot bullets constantly. He will also use a protective shield. After that, he will fill the room with the drug. Which will hypnotize you and make you feel like you are in the other universe where you will listen to Gene’s voice. You will also talk to the Gene sitting on the bench. After that, you will see yourself falling into the circulation loop. You will also face multiple clones of the Nipulon in the circle.

Shoot the clones and you will teleport to another place where you will talk to your sister. After talking to her you will fall into the same circular loop where you will see the clones of Nipulon in the form of a circle that will shoot the laser. Shoot the area of the circle after some time you will teleport to a new area where you will collect all of your guns. After that, you will see multiple Nipulon clones shoot them to reach the Nipulon. Shoot at the Nipulon shield and kill him.

fight nipulon

After killing him get the coordinates from the computer. Get the DNA sample of Nipulon after getting the coordinates.

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